In One Place, More Than 200,000 Servers! In Falkenstein, Germany, visiting Hetzner

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DateMay 10, 2024

The video documenting a tour of Hetzner’s data center in Falkenstein, Germany, provides an extensive look into the operational, technological, and environmental aspects of modern data management facilities. This data center stands out not just for its location in a lesser-known part of Eastern Germany but also for its innovative approach to data center management, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

The facility in Falkenstein, as depicted in the video, employs a blend of old and new technologies which showcases Hetzner’s commitment to resource optimization and environmental sustainability. By incorporating AMD Ryzen CPUs into their servers, Hetzner is leveraging consumer-grade hardware known for its robust performance and energy efficiency, tailored for the high demands of data center operations.

One of the highlights from the tour is the data center’s use of green energy. Hetzner has committed to using 100% renewable energy sources, with a notable mention of their facility in Finland that exclusively uses wind energy. This not only reflects Hetzner’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint but also aligns with global trends towards more sustainable energy practices in technology infrastructures.

The cooling systems at the Falkenstein data center are particularly noteworthy. The facility employs advanced cooling techniques that utilize ambient temperatures to reduce the need for artificial cooling, which significantly lowers energy consumption. The video shows how the data center is designed to use natural convection and strategically placed ventilation systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures for the servers.

Another critical aspect covered in the video is the meticulous testing of hardware configurations. Hetzner’s rigorous testing protocols ensure hardware reliability and performance under various conditions. This involves stress-testing new hardware setups and regularly reassessing the operational efficiency of older equipment to extend its lifecycle, which further emphasizes their commitment to sustainability.

The data center also showcases a remarkable mix of custom-built and standard hardware configurations, demonstrating Hetzner’s innovative approach to maximizing space and energy usage. This is evident from their use of MIDI towers, which although not the standard in 2021, are kept operational as long as they serve their purpose efficiently. This practice not only helps in resource conservation but also in reducing electronic waste.

Moreover, the video details the security measures and physical infrastructure that protect the data stored within the facility. Massive doors and barbed wire underscore the importance of security in data management, protecting against both digital and physical threats.

In conclusion, the video offers an educational insight into the complexities of modern data center operations, highlighting Hetzner’s proactive measures in energy management, hardware optimization, and sustainable practices. It encapsulates the company’s efforts to balance technological advancement with environmental responsibility, setting a benchmark for the data center industry. The tour not only serves as a detailed account of Hetzner’s operational strategies but also as a testament to their transparency and commitment to industry-leading practices.

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