Huge 386MW Data Center in Morocco Planned by U.S. AI Firm

DateMay 9, 2024

The construction of a massive 386MW data center and artificial intelligence hub in Tetouan, Morocco, called Eureka Park, is made possible by an ambitious deal between the Moroccan government and the U.S.-based tech firm Iozera. This strategic partnership intends to transform the artificial intelligence (AI) sector by expanding worldwide access to powerful GPU-based computing resources, which are essential for AI research and development.

Eureka Park is poised to become a cornerstone in the global technology landscape, situated a mere 12 kilometers from the coast of Spain. The center is designed not just as a conventional data facility but as a comprehensive AI ecosystem encompassing additional structures to support and amplify its core capabilities. This extensive project will house the primary facility, the Iozera AI Data Center, tailored for advanced AI computations and conventional data storage, attracting a plethora of global tech entities and academic bodies.

Furthermore, the development will include GenV Data Management Services, focusing on AI model training, data management, and annotation services. This facility aims to generate significant employment opportunities and position itself at the forefront of secure AI training and modeling practices. Adjacent to this, the Ryse Research center will operate as an incubation hub, nurturing tech startups and preparing the Moroccan workforce for high-tech jobs within Eureka Park itself.

In addition, the AI Expo within the park will serve as a showcase platform for the latest in AI technology, both from burgeoning startups and established tech giants, thereby fostering a technology-driven culture and enhancing the visibility of Eureka Park on a global stage.

Sustainability: Solar Power, Wind Farm

A key element distinguishing this project is its unwavering commitment to sustainability, leveraging Morocco’s abundant renewable energy sources. The data center will primarily draw power from the Noor Solar Power Complex in Ouarzazate – one of the world’s largest solar farms equipped with advanced concentrated solar power (CSP) technology. This innovative solar facility uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight to produce heat, which then drives a steam turbine to generate electricity. Notably, the Noor Complex features a thermal storage system, using molten salt to store heat, thus enabling continuous power supply even during nighttime, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply to the data center.

Complementing the solar power utilization, the Koudia Al Baida Wind Farm near Tetouan, renowned for its strong Atlantic winds, will also supply sustainable energy to the project. This wind farm harnesses the kinetic energy of wind through turbines, converting it into electrical power, and is currently being upgraded to achieve a production capacity of 100MW. This integration of both solar and wind energy sources would underscore the project’s holistic approach to sustainability, promising reduced operational costs while minimizing environmental impact.

The initiative is set to kick off construction in the fourth quarter of 2024, with plans to be fully operational by the second quarter of 2026. This timeline aligns with Morocco’s preparations to host clients and visitors for the 2030 World Cup, positioning Eureka Park as a showcase of Morocco’s tech prowess and sustainable practices.

This partnership between the Iozera AI data center and the Moroccan government is crucial to Morocco’s technical and economic progress, as well as setting a new standard in AI-driven technology. It is expected to provide modern computer resources to a wider audience while upholding environmentally friendly ideals, which would be a major advancement in the fusion of technology and sustainable development. 

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