Ezditek, Gcore Partner to Boost Saudi AI Innovation with Cloud Services

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DateMay 15, 2024

Ezditek, a provider of data center and digital infrastructure services based in Saudi Arabia, has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gcore, a global provider specializing in edge AI, cloud, network, and security solutions. This strategic partnership aims to bolster the Kingdom’s position as a center for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation by establishing high-capacity infrastructure across the country.

The MoU outlines a five-year plan to develop infrastructure for AI and GPU computing, focusing on constructing nine new data centers in Saudi Arabia’s key cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. Each city will host three data centers. The first phase of the rollout is ambitious, with 28MW capacity expected to be operational by 2025 across the three locations.

Ibrahim Almulhim, CEO at Ezditek, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Gcore is a pivotal moment in our quest to create adaptable and scalable facilities adept at handling the increasing demands of AI technologies. This MoU is not just about expanding our infrastructure but about transforming Saudi Arabia into a globally recognized hub for digital innovation, with AI as a cornerstone of this transformation.”

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Gcore brings to the partnership a robust network of over 160 edge nodes worldwide and more than 25 cloud locations. This extensive global presence would complement Ezditek’s local expertise and resources, providing a comprehensive suite of cloud computing and infrastructure services. This arrangement will allow Ezditek to leverage Gcore’s cutting-edge technologies and broad network, facilitating the management of extensive data and supporting diverse AI applications.

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Fabrice Moizan, Chief Revenue Officer at Gcore, expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential impact on the region. “Saudi Arabia offers tremendous opportunities for AI integration and adoption. Our joint efforts with Ezditek will significantly enhance the nation’s digital capabilities, aligning with and propelling the Saudi Vision 2030 goals forward,” Mr. Moizan said. He emphasized the partnership’s focus on introducing top-tier edge and cloud services to support the Kingdom’s ambitious technological and infrastructural advancements.

The collaboration between Ezditek and Gcore is seen as a strategic move to meet the growing need for advanced data processing capabilities in the Middle East. By enhancing the local digital infrastructure, the partnership is poised to attract AI-driven businesses and support large-scale data operations, fostering innovation across various sectors.

As part of Ezdihar Holding Company, Ezditek plans to continue expanding its network of carrier-neutral data center hubs. These facilities are designed to accommodate the future technological needs of Saudi Arabia, ensuring robust infrastructure that supports sustainable growth and innovation well beyond 2030.

The initiative not only aims to transform the digital landscape of Saudi Arabia but also reflects a broader commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, positioning the Kingdom as a leader in the global digital economy.

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