EXA Infrastructure Unveils New Open Cable Landing Station in Genoa

DateMay 29, 2024

The extension of EXA Infrastructure’s current network facility in Genoa, Italy, to a fully open Cable Landing Station was announced today. EXA Infrastructure’s digital infrastructure platform connects Europe to North America. The purpose of this latest investment in the Mediterranean area in Europe is to meet the requirements that will be imposed in the future by new subsea cables that will be landing at the Italian hub.

EXA Infrastructure will also make an investment in a new metro network ring that will facilitate access to other cable networks. This is in recognition of the significance that Genoa plays in the subsea ecosystem for the area. The new open CLS in Genoa will, after it is finished being constructed, have access to five transmission channels into other regions of Europe. This would provide clients with more redundancy and reliability.

For the purpose of providing service providers with the ability to attach their networks to submarine cables, open CLS serve as standardized and neutral interconnection points. Having this configuration might encourage competition among service providers, fosters innovation, and expands the range of connectivity alternatives available to users.

Open-Access Models for CLSs

According to Steve Roberts, Senior Vice President of Network Investments and Products at EXA Infrastructure, “There has been a move towards open-access models for CLSs in order to improve service quality, lower costs, and boost network resilience. This is in response to the growing demand for Internet resilience and greater data transmission capacity. The value of having different connection choices into Europe via Genoa from a single, pan-European supplier with strong subsea and landing proven experience- as opposed to multi-sourcing from local and regional providers – is definitely a game changer in comparison to what was available in the region.”

EXA Infrastructure is consistently engaged in the construction and operation of the mission-critical digital infrastructure that enables its clients to experience growth. Over the course of its operations in Europe and North America, EXA Infrastructure has established itself as one of the most prominent operators in the region by operating 18 Cable Landing Stations.

Genoa Italy

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