DRFortress Introduces Cloud Connect in Hawaii with Megaport

DateMay 14, 2024

DRFortress, Hawaii’s leading carrier-neutral data center and cloud marketplace, has announced a significant expansion in its service offerings through a new partnership with Megaport, a leader in Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions. This collaboration introduces a public cloud on-ramp solution named DRFortress Cloud Connect, which provides secure and rapid access to major cloud service providers.

Through Cloud Connect, DRFortress‘s clients will gain private access to over 280 cloud on-ramps and more than 850 on-net locations across Megaport’s extensive global network. This integration will facilitate direct connections to major cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud, alongside a variety of other cloud, network, and content services. The aim is to enhance user experience by offering faster and more secure connectivity options.

For local businesses in Hawaii, this partnership would promise a reduction in network connectivity costs by utilizing a single Layer 2 network circuit that supports high-speed connections ranging from 1G to 100G. This setup enables straightforward cross-connections to public cloud providers, boosting business efficiency, scalability, and profitability.

Megaport’s Cloud Nodes

Fred Rodi, Co-President and Founder of DRFortress, emphasized the strategic importance of this initiative. “Our expansion into Megaport’s cloud nodes is a key part of our commitment to driving innovation and supporting digital transformation across Hawaii,” he stated. Mr. Rodi highlighted the potential for Hawaiian businesses to extend their reach globally, gaining direct access to top cloud providers from within the DRFortress data center.

Echoing this sentiment, Megaport’s CEO, Michael Reid, noted, “We are setting a new standard for cloud connectivity in Hawaii. The inclusion of DRFortress into the Megaport network enables Hawaii-based businesses to fully embrace the cloud with the backing of our reliable and high-performance global network.”

This action would represent a significant advancement in Hawaii’s technology landscape, giving companies the resources they need to prosper in the digital economy.

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