Dell’s New PowerEdge Servers Boost Data Center and Edge Workloads

DateMay 15, 2024

With the release of new PowerEdge servers, Dell Technologies anticipates to completely transform its server lineup to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including small and medium-sized cloud service providers (CSPs). The recently released Dell PowerEdge R670 CSP Edition and R770 CSP Edition servers are expected to deliver notable increases in performance along with a new, standardized server design that should make maintenance and deployment easier.

These advanced servers are particularly notable for being the first to market with Intel’s Xeon 6 Efficient core processor. This cutting-edge technology promises up to 2.3 times more performance per rack compared to previous generations, marking a significant step forward in server capability and efficiency.

Dell’s expansion of its server portfolio is not limited to cloud service providers. The company has also announced the PowerEdge T160 and R260 servers, which are designed to offer double the performance within a significantly smaller footprint – 42% and 24% smaller respectively. These servers are tailored for small businesses and remote offices, providing powerful, dense configurations suitable for a variety of applications including near-edge virtualization and real-time data processing.

Travis Vigil, Senior Vice President of the Infrastructure Solutions Group Product Management at Dell Technologies, highlighted the drive behind the innovation. “Our customers are turning to our newest servers to run more compute-intensive workloads while trying to manage power and emissions,” he stated. Mr. Vigil emphasized that the new servers build on Dell’s 30 years of experience in powering IT infrastructure across various sectors.

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Servers Designed For CSPs

The new R670 CSP Edition and R770 CSP Edition servers are designed with cloud service providers in mind, offering optimal performance for high-density and scale-out cloud workloads such as virtualization and data analytics. These servers incorporate Smart Cooling technology to enhance energy efficiency and adapt to changing environments. The compact form factor and front I/O for cold aisle serviceability would make these servers particularly appealing for specialized data center applications.

Moreover, these CSP Edition servers introduce the Data Center – Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) architecture to the Dell PowerEdge portfolio. This specification, part of the Open Compute Project and developed in collaboration with companies including Intel, aims to simplify the integration of servers into existing infrastructure by standardizing server designs, thus improving customer choice and design flexibility.

Ryan Tabrah, Vice President & General Manager of Intel Xeon Efficient-core Products at Intel Corporation, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “Intel is excited to have Dell Technologies at the forefront of our development on the latest generation of Intel Xeon processor, enabling customers across industries to quickly and seamlessly deliver on the promise of high-density, efficient compute for AI datacenters of the future,” he said.

Servers Designed with Sustainability in Mind

The smaller T160 and R260 servers, which are stackable and designed with sustainability in mind, feature the Intel Xeon E-2400 Processors. These processors deliver double the performance of their predecessors, making these servers ideal for organizations operating in harsh environments. They are equipped with filter bezels to protect against dust and grease, ensuring better performance and acoustics.

Kuba Stolarski, Research Vice President at IDC Enterprise Infrastructure Practice, commented on the significance of these developments. “Technology that maximizes energy efficiency and infrastructure density without compromising performance is critical for modern sustainable datacenter operations,” he noted. Stolarski lauded Dell’s innovative solutions that meet sustainability goals while simplifying management and boosting performance with current generation technology.

The Dell PowerEdge R670 CSP Edition and R770 CSP Edition servers will be available to qualified Cloud Service Providers starting in July 2024, with a broader release expected shortly thereafter. The T160 and R260 models will hit the global market in May, offering versatile and powerful server solutions for a range of business applications.

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