DE-CIX Jakarta Launches, Boosting Digital Connectivity in Indonesia

DateMay 8, 2024

PT DECIX Indonesia Pratama, formed through a collaboration between DE-CIX, a global leader in Internet Exchange (IX) operations, and PT IDMarco Digital Solusi, a subsidiary of the Salim Group, has launched DE-CIX Jakarta, a new Internet Exchange in Indonesia’s capital. This launch would mark a significant advancement in the region’s digital infrastructure, promising enhanced connectivity and streamlined services across Southeast Asia.

DE-CIX Jakarta operates on the DE-CIX Apollon platform, known for its high performance and reliability. It spans two data centers in Jakarta – NTT’s JKT2 and Matrix Data Center JKT2. This strategic placement allows the exchange to access approximately 95% of the local market, ensuring broad reach and impact. Already, over ten customers, encompassing both domestic and international networks, are being onboarded.

The new IX is an integral part of the DE-CIX ASEAN ecosystem, which includes seven major metro markets: Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Brunei, and Manila. This network enables customers at any of these exchanges to seamlessly exchange internet traffic with others in the region, providing efficient, high-quality interconnection services tailored to meet wholesale and enterprise demands.

Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX, highlighted the strategic importance of Indonesia in the Southeast Asian market. “Indonesia, with its large population and rapidly growing economy, is an essential next step for DE-CIX‘s expansion in the region,” Mr. Ivanov stated. He noted that as traditional digital hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong face new market restrictions, significant investments are shifting towards emerging markets like Jakarta, which is quickly becoming a new focal point for global players seeking high-quality interconnection services similar to those available in more established markets.

Internet Traffic Localization

DE-CIX Jakarta is directly connected to DE-CIX Singapore, enhancing its capability to offer top-tier interconnection services throughout Southeast Asia. The integration not only promotes better connectivity but also ensures that the Jakarta hub would meet international standards, supported by “robust” Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Thomas Dragono, Director of DE-CIX Indonesia, emphasized the anticipated economic boom in Indonesia and how the new IX could support this growth. “Our integrated solution is designed to support the ongoing cloudification and transformation of content in Indonesia,” said Mr. Dragono. He highlighted that the platform would facilitate traffic localization and provide seamless access to cloud services and content hosted both locally and in Singapore.

The DE-CIX Apollon platform in Jakarta invites all local networks to leverage its advanced features, which include cloud exchange and cloud routing capabilities. These features can be essential for businesses looking to enhance their digital infrastructure and improve end-user experiences. The platform would also offes a range of enterprise-grade interconnection services and boasts a self-service portal and API that simplify the management and automation of these services.

Additionally, the cloud exchange component of DE-CIX Jakarta provides direct connections to major cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM, and Oracle. This direct access can be crucial for enterprises looking to enhance their cloud strategies and ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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