Day in the Life of a Network Operations Center Engineer

DateMay 20, 2024

The presenter in this video, Tech Will, gives viewers an exclusive tour inside the data center where he works during the night shift. This tour is included in the video. He begins by providing an explanation of his past, revealing that he began his employment with an A+ certification and has subsequently obtained other certificates from other organizations. When it comes to his profession, Tech Will places a strong emphasis on the prospects for learning and career progression.

During the course of the tour, he takes great care to demonstrate the many components that are housed inside the data center, such as servers, routers, and switches, while taking care not to divulge any sensitive information that would endanger the security of the facility. The activities that he does on a daily basis include monitoring the air conditioning systems and operating a variety of information technology devices. In spite of the fact that he works mostly at night, he observes that it is typically calm, which affords him the opportunity to study or work on personal projects, unless there are chores that need immediate attention.

Tech Will also makes a passing reference to the culture of the workplace and the kind of jobs that involve connection with customers. He explains that some customers prefer to conduct delicate alterations on their own, while others depend on the personnel at the data center.

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