Craig Martell

DateMay 14, 2024

Dr. Craig Martell has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer by Cohesity, a pioneer in AI-powered data protection and management. In order to establish and carry out a strategic and significant roadmap for the company’s future, Dr. Martell will use his extensive industry experience to form the technological vision of the organization. He will also include current and emerging customer and industry trends.

As a result of his considerable experience in both the private and governmental sectors, as well as his unparalleled knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Dr.Martell has been taking the lead in developing developing AI programs for prominent technology businesses since 2013.

The most recent position that Dr. Martell held was that of Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO) for the Department of Defense (DoD) of the United States of America. His responsibilities in this position included serving as the senior official responsible for driving the adoption of data, analytics, digital solutions, and AI operations throughout the department in order to produce decision advantage. He was also responsible for competently navigating the Department of Defense through an AI industry that is rapidly evolving. Dr. Martell was appointed as the inaugural head of the CDAO office, which was established with the purpose of enhancing the process of developing digital and artificial intelligence strategies and formulating policies, all while ensuring that the department’s enterprise-wide data, AI, and cyber groups experience greater integration and unity of goal.

Dr. Martell worked in a number of high-level positions at some of the most well-known tech businesses before joining the DoD. He was Head of Machine Learning at Lyft, where he created and implemented a cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) Platform that enabled the Lyft engineering team to rapidly develop and deploy ML models using large-scale, novel, and continuous statistical algorithms. Dr. Martell led Dropbox’s machine intelligence department from 2018 to 2020. In this role, she oversaw all aspects of machine learning, including creating the organization’s overarching vision, using analytics to inform machine learning, and effectively communicating ML strategy to various departments inside the company. 

Prior to that, he oversaw multiple AI teams and projects at LinkedIn that moved the market. In addition, Dr. Martell taught computer science with tenure at the Naval Postgraduate School, where he focused on natural language processing. Dr. Martell’s several patents, including a Hybrid Classification System from 2021 and a System and Method for Encrypting Data in Pictorial Data from 2008, attest to his expertise in statistical concepts and procedures.

“Cohesity’s remarkable technological platform, which it has developed at the intersection of multi-cloud, security, and AI for the future of data protection, is shown by the speed and scale it has attained over the previous several years. My responsibility will be to spearhead Cohesity’s unparalleled AI-powered innovations both internally and outside,” said Dr. Martell. “It is a privilege to work with Sanjay and the outstanding group he has assembled as we accelerate the company’s path to advance AI and machine learning capabilities, which are essential to solving major enterprise data challenges.” “AI offers Cohesity a significant competitive edge and potential. The first phase in our plan was the introduction of Cohesity Gaia, which has first-to-market, patent-pending technologies,” said Sanjay Poonen, President and CEO of Cohesity.

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