Chad Ho

DateMay 6, 2024

It was announced today by Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) that Chad Ho has been named executive vice president and chief legal officer. June is when his appointment will start. He takes over for Stacey Goff, who left behind a stellar 26-year career with Lumen and its forerunners. To facilitate a seamless transition, we expect Mr. Goff to stay on the team for a few weeks following Mr. Ho’s hiring.

Ho is a seasoned chief legal officer with an exceptional background in achievement. He possesses vast experience in providing advice to both high-growth startups and industry-leading publicly traded enterprises. Ho was a longtime general counsel at Hulu, where he contributed to the company’s growth from pre-revenue to multibillion dollar enterprise as a member of the founding management team. He managed Legal for the worldwide business operations across Disney’s TV networks and streaming services following Hulu’s sale and merger into Disney. Ho most recently held the position of chief legal officer of Sabre, the U.S.-based travel technology firm with the biggest worldwide distribution network. He graduated with a B.A. from Stanford University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

“Chad’s innovative and proven experience with large public companies and his ability to fuel growth in the technology sector makes him the perfect person to guide Lumen through its ongoing transformation,” stated Kate Johnson, president and CEO of Lumen. “I have faith in Chad’s capacity to provide original thinking and produce outcomes. Furthermore, this company’s culture fits him well due to his capacity to motivate.”

“I’m excited to be joining Lumen at such a pivotal time,” stated Mr. Ho. “With its world-class team and unique technology capabilities, the opportunity is enormous.”

“I want to express my gratitude to Stacey for his leadership, dedication, and services over a number of significant junctures in Lumen’s history. Because she led with compassion and understanding during difficult times, Stacey left behind a lasting legacy. He departs Lumen with a more solid base, according to Johnson.

“It has been a privilege to serve at Lumen,” stated Goff. “I have watched this company grow over the years from a tiny telephony company to a strong technology company. I have enjoyed working with so many wonderful individuals here, and I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished as a team and of the transformative path we started so many years ago. I am confident that Lumen is implementing the best plan to increase income. I’m excited to follow the company’s growth.”

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