Automic SaaS: Broadcom’s New Cloud Solution Boosts Business Automation

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DateMay 8, 2024

Broadcom has expanded its automation technology offerings, launching their Automic Automation platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The move enables businesses to access the same features found in the on-premises Automic Automation system but with additional advantages inherent to cloud services, such as cost savings and simplified management.

Broadcom’s Automic SaaS solution aims to streamline operations by providing advanced workload automation and workflow orchestration across various environments, including mainframe, distributed, and hybrid clouds. This shift to a cloud-based model is designed to alleviate the burden on internal resources that typically manage infrastructure, allowing teams to dedicate more time to strategic automation initiatives.

Serge Lucio, Vice President and General Manager of the Agile Operations Division at Broadcom, emphasized the need for centralized automation solutions as more organizations migrate their operations to cloud environments. “As infrastructures continue to evolve toward cloud configurations, many companies find themselves juggling multiple tools without a unified operational view,” Mr. Lucio explained. He highlighted that Automic SaaS not only mirrors the capabilities of its on-premises counterpart but also enhances organizational efficiency by reducing costs and improving productivity.

The SaaS model of Automic Automation would address several critical areas:

Innovation Accessibility – Users would receive instant updates, ensuring they benefit from the latest features without delayReduced Overheads – The platform would cut out significant infrastructure expenses typically associated with automation toolsSecurity Enhancements – It employs secure TLS networking to protect data and operationsStreamlined Management – It would simplify the deployment and upgrading of agents, offering centralized control and enabling self-service for decentralized teamsSupport for Migration – Includes specialized conversion support through expert partners and purpose-built tools, and it is certified for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, facilitating easier migration to SAP’s cloud environment

The introduction of Automic SaaS by Broadcom fits into a larger trend of cloud service integration with corporate processes, which is indicative of a movement in the industry toward more adaptable and affordable automation technology solutions.

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