Amazon Braket Adds IQM’s 20-Qubit Quantum Processor in Europe

DateMay 29, 2024

Amazon Braket, the quantum computing service from AWS, has announced the addition of Garnet, a new high-fidelity 20-qubit superconducting quantum processing unit (QPU) from IQM. This development marks Amazon Braket’s expansion into the European Union, making the service available for the first time in the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region.

This move allows researchers and developers in Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia Pacific to access this high-fidelity device conveniently, accelerating their quantum computing research.

Amazon Braket would enable customers to explore and experiment with various types of quantum hardware, including superconducting, trapped-ion, and neutral atom devices. With the introduction of Garnet, customers now have on-demand access to this advanced QPU for building and testing quantum programs. Additionally, through Hybrid Jobs, customers can run algorithms with priority access, all under a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

For more advanced or time-sensitive workloads, Braket Direct offers the option to reserve dedicated capacity on this QPU, providing hourly pricing without upfront commitments. The expansion of Amazon Braket to the Europe (Stockholm) region would also helps customers in the European Union address their data residency requirements.

On-Demand Quantum Model via Cloud

This milestone represents the first time IQM quantum computers are accessible in a self-service, on-demand model via the cloud. Customers can also reserve dedicated access to the system through Braket Direct.

IQM Garnet features a square lattice topology, enabling high connectivity to run quantum algorithms with improved accuracy. The processor would showcase a median two-qubit (CZ) gate fidelity of 99.51% across 30 qubit pairs, with maximum fidelity over a single pair reaching 99.8%. 

Dr. Jan Goetz, Co-CEO and Co-founder of IQM Quantum Computers, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Onboarding to Amazon Braket is an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate our superconducting quantum computers with high fidelities, enabled through our unique IQM tunable couplers. This combination of high throughput superconducting hardware and high fidelity of tunable couplers is designed to boost algorithm performance and provide high quantum volume and full entanglement across the whole processor.”

Richard Moulds, General Manager of Amazon Braket, highlighted the benefits for AWS customers: “Bringing IQM Garnet to Amazon Braket brings even more choice to AWS customers experimenting with quantum computing. We’re excited to expand our commitment to EU customers with locally hosted hardware, addressing important data residency requirements. IQM Garnet expands possibilities for customers in the European Union, with a high-quality system designed to accelerate their research in quantum optimisation, simulation, and machine learning algorithms across various fields such as life sciences, chemistry, and other industrial applications.”

IQM’s Quantum Technology

IQM Quantum Computers provides on-premises quantum computers for supercomputing centers, enterprises, and research labs, and offers full access to its hardware through its cloud offering, IQM Resonance. IQM’s commercial quantum computers include Finland’s ongoing 50-qubit quantum computer project with VTT, the IQM-led Q-Exa consortium’s HPC quantum accelerator in Germany, and the first quantum accelerator in Spain. With over 290 employees and offices in Palo Alto, Warsaw, Paris, Madrid, Munich, Singapore, and Espoo, IQM continues to push the boundaries of quantum computing.

The addition of IQM Garnet to Amazon Braket would underscore AWS’s commitment to expanding its quantum computing capabilities and providing cutting-edge tools to researchers and developers worldwide. This collaboration enhances the accessibility of high-fidelity quantum computing resources, supporting the advancement of quantum research and innovation across multiple domains.

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