A Budget Storage Server with 84TB of Storage – 84TB NAS

DateMay 9, 2024

In this tutorial by YouTuber Matt, you’ll be guided through his latest project – a 84TB budget storage server build. This server is designed to handle vast amounts of data, perfect for extensive video archives, large-scale backups, or even a hefty media library. Let’s dive into how this budget storage server was assembled and get it up and running.

He kicks off by referencing a very useful guide from Craft Computing. Their TrueNAS CORE 12.0 Install Tutorial gave him a solid foundation and great insights into setting up a robust network-attached storage system. TrueNAS CORE is a powerful open-source software that’s perfect for managing and securing data storage

For the hardware, the backbone of this server is a z420 motherboard which he picked up from eBay. This board is a solid choice for builds like this due to its reliability and support for extensive memory and storage options. You can find the exact model through the link provided in the description below.

Storage is, of course, the most critical component. He has utilized several Western Digital External Drives, sourced from Newegg and Amazon. These drives are reliable, cost-effective, and offer good speed for both read and write operations, according to Matt.

The system boots from an Adata SU800 SSD, known for its durability and performance, enhancing the overall efficiency of the server. This SSD is available on both Newegg and Amazon.

Memory is handled by ECC DDR3 RAM, which would ensure stability and reliability, especially important in a server setup to manage errors more effectively. This RAM was also sourced from eBay.

Lastly, Matt is sharing a brief overview of his personal rig which includes a Ryzen 7 1700 processor and Asrock AB350 ITX motherboard among other high-performance components. This setup not only supports his daily tasks but also complements his server for testing and lighter workloads.

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