Telxius Launches High-Capacity Cable, Enhancing Caribbean Connectivity

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DateApr 30, 2024

The launch of a new undersea cable route has been announced by Telxius, a global connectivity provider, thereby improving digital access throughout the Caribbean. A significant step toward closer ties between the Caribbean and the United States as well as the larger Latin American region has been made with this development, which connects Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Operational from April 2024, this latest addition to Telxius’ expansive network involves the extension of the SAm-1 submarine cable. This extension would be notable for its ultra-high capacity, setting a new standard for public cable routes in the region. It aims to provide secure and resilient access to major digital hubs worldwide, thereby enhancing the digital capabilities of the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

The newly launched route is part of a trio that includes the Brusa and PCCS cables, connecting various strategic points across the Americas. This integration would facilitate seamless data flow, significantly boosting connectivity speeds and network reliability across these territories. The initiative would reflect Telxius’ commitment to fostering digital transformation and enhancing communications infrastructure in growing markets.

Mario Martín, CEO of Telxius, emphasized the strategic importance of the new cable route. “Our dedication to advancing technology and driving digital transformation is evident through this development. The growing demand from our customers and the emerging opportunities in local and global markets have propelled us to continuously enhance our service offerings,” said Mr. Martin. He added that this initiative is poised to catalyze digital transformation in key areas, enabling them to tap into the benefits of the digital economy more fully.

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Tier-1 IP Network

The investment in this submarine cable route would underscore Telxius’ broader strategy to support enterprise-level needs for improved data connectivity and digital services. Businesses operating in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, in particular, would stand to benefit from enhanced network capabilities, which can be crucial for facilitating efficient communication, commerce, and collaboration across regions and globally.

Telxius boasts an extensive network that includes eight next-generation fiber optic submarine cables and associated terrestrial backhauls, spanning over 100,000 kilometers. The company offers a wide array of services, from capacity and colocation to comprehensive security solutions and direct Internet connectivity through its Tier-1 IP network.

This strategic expansion would not only strengthen Telxius‘ position as a key player in global connectivity but also play a pivotal role in transforming the digital landscape of the Caribbean and Latin America. By enabling more robust and reliable digital communication pathways, Telxius is helping to bridge the digital divide and foster economic growth in these dynamically evolving markets.

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