Novera QPU Partner Program Launched by Rigetti Computing

DateApr 29, 2024

In a major step toward improving the capabilities of on-premises quantum computing, Rigetti Computing, known for its pioneering efforts in quantum-classical computing, has unveiled the Novera QPU Partner Program. This initiative seeks to create a comprehensive ecosystem involving hardware, software, and service providers who are integral to developing a functional quantum computing system.

Rigetti’s Novera QPU Partner Program introduces a collaborative platform where customers can design quantum computers that meet specific research objectives and system requirements by leveraging the expertise and products of participating partners. This marks a substantial step in making advanced quantum technologies more accessible and functional for varied scientific and commercial applications.

Central to this program is the Novera Quantum Processing Unit (QPU), which utilizes Rigetti’s fourth-generation Ankaa-class architecture. This new QPU model boasts a 9-qubit chip arranged in a 3×3 array of tunable transmons, enhancing connectivity and enabling rapid two-qubit operations – an essential feature for complex quantum calculations. Additionally, a simpler 5-qubit chip is available for developing and characterizing single-qubit operations, providing a versatile toolset for researchers and developers. These components are manufactured in Rigetti’s dedicated quantum device manufacturing facility, Fab-1, underscoring their commitment to innovation and quality in quantum technology production.

“With the Novera QPU, we have a unique opportunity to support the development of on-premises quantum computing capabilities worldwide. At Rigetti, we are experts at overcoming the challenges of building, installing, and supporting a quantum computing system,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, CEO at Rigetti. “After a decade in the quantum computing industry, we’ve also forged long lasting partnerships with world-leading quantum technology companies whose collaborations and expertise helped us advance our capabilities even further. We want to empower Novera QPU customers with an ecosystem of our trusted partners to support their own quantum computing research pursuits, and to help prepare us for a quantum-ready society.”

To ensure the Novera QPU functions seamlessly within a broader quantum computing system, additional necessary components such as a dilution refrigerator for cooling and various control systems for operation are required. These are complemented by a suite of quantum software tools and integration services provided by program partners, ensuring a fully integrated and efficient setup.

The Novera QPU Partner Program has already attracted a significant number of prestigious partners, reflecting the strong collaborative spirit within the quantum computing sector. These include leaders in cryogenics like Bluefors, control systems from Quantum Machines and Zurich Instruments, and software solutions from entities such as Q-CTRL, Strangeworks, Classiq, and Horizon Quantum Computing. Integration and service provision is handled by companies like TreQ and ParTec AG, with Riverlane specializing in quantum error correction (QEC) solutions.

Each partner would bring a unique set of skills and products that are critical to advancing quantum computing technology. For instance, Bluefors is renowned for its Dilution Refrigerator Measurement Systems, which are crucial for maintaining the ultra-low temperatures necessary for quantum computing operations. Bluefors’ CTO, David Gunnarsson, highlighted their ongoing innovations to support the deployment and ease of use of on-premises quantum systems.

Tailored Quantum Computing Setups

Similarly, the software aspect, a critical component for operational success in quantum computing, is robustly supported through partners like Classiq, whose CEO Nir Minerbi emphasized the importance of integrating various technologies to achieve the most effective quantum computing solutions.

This program not only facilitates the development of tailored quantum computing setups but also fosters a collaborative environment where expertise and technology converge to push the boundaries of what quantum computing can achieve. Horizon Quantum Computing’s CEO, Joe Fitzsimons, noted the importance of such ecosystems in achieving quantum advantage, the point at which quantum computing surpasses the capabilities of classical computing in specific tasks.

The launch of the Novera QPU Partner Program follows closely on the heels of Rigetti’s recent advancements with their larger-scale Ankaa-class systems, including the 84-qubit Ankaa-2, which has shown significant improvements in error performance over previous models. This would underscore Rigetti’s commitment to not only enhancing the scalability of quantum computing technology but also its practical deployment in real-world applications.

With government agencies among the early adopters, demonstrating increasing interest from both public and private sectors, the Novera QPU has already been sold to leading US government labs and Horizon Quantum Computing for their new Singapore-based hardware testbed.

As quantum computing continues to evolve, initiatives like the Novera QPU Partner Program can be pivotal in translating quantum research into practical, scalable technologies. These collaborative efforts can be essential for the quantum industry’s growth, promising to unlock new potentials across various fields, from materials science to cryptography, profoundly impacting how research and business are conducted in the near future.

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