AMS-IX and Extreme IX Forge Alliance to Enhance Connectivity in India

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DateApr 30, 2024

Two major participants in the worldwide networking space, AMS-IX and Extreme IX, have announced a major alliance in India. This partnership has the potential to completely revolutionize how companies connect to the vital AMS-IX Mumbai, one of the most important Internet Exchange Points in the area.

Through this agreement, clients’ access to AMS-IX Mumbai would be made easier, more efficient, and seamless. In the past, a business required a physical network presence at one of its Points of Presence (PoPs) in order to connect to AMS-IX Mumbai. But with the new setup, companies can join via any of Extreme IX’s 15 Points of Presence (PoPs). Through this development, clients can now quickly access more than 60 networks that are linked to AMS-IX Mumbai without having to be physically close.

The AMS-IX International Partnership Director, Onno Bos, highlighted the new service’s cost-effectiveness. “Many companies already have their networks in data centers enabled by Extreme IX, which means there’s no need for additional investment in physical infrastructure or new colocation facilities to connect to AMS-IX in Mumbai,” he stated. Bos added that buyers should find the new locations and cheap price to be highly alluring. 

Extreme’s Backbone

AMS-IX International Partnership Director Onno Bos stated that buyers ought to find the new places and affordable prices to be quite enticing.The Executive Director of Extreme, Raunak Maheshwari, spoke about the strategic ramifications of the partnership and characterized it as a game-changing advancement for his organization. “Extreme’s transition into a neutral Network as a Service (NaaS) platform signifies a pivotal moment in our evolution,” said Maheshwari.

Extreme IX, in collaboration with AMS-IX India, has one of the largest Internet Exchange footprints in India, spanning 40 locations across six cities. This alliance would have the potential to completely transform the peering ecology in the region. Maheshwari emphasized that this collaboration will increase productivity, lower the cost of equipment, colocation, and shipping, and allow networks to reach a wider audience by leveraging Extreme’s strong backbone.

In India’s quickly expanding digital ecosystem, this strategic cooperation not only facilitates connectivity but also encourages cost effectiveness and wider network access. This signifies a significant advancement in the optimization of connectivity, as it allows AMS-IX and Extreme IX to utilize their combined infrastructures to promote innovation and enable expansion throughout India’s network services.

This relationship has consequences that go beyond just making access easier. In one of the internet markets with the fastest growth rates in the world, it’s a step towards improving the overall efficiency and scalability of digital services. As this relationship develops, it should serve as a template for other collaborations that try to remove financial and logistical obstacles to digital growth.

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