Unlimited Email Hosting

What's so special?

Our limitless email hosting package grants you complete control over your email accounts and removes the limits imposed by the popular providers

We say no to quotas

Say goodbye to limits and hello to seamless communication for your business or personal needs with our ProMail account.

Complete Control

With no inbox, disk space or bandwidth quotas, seize the reins of your email accounts. Your communication, your rules!

What's Included

We are so proud of our values and use them daily in business decisions.

Unlimited Disk Space

With no disk space limits, inbox limits or attachment limits, your email will always be available.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Limitless traffics means no interruptions! Your emails will always be sent and received.


Unlimited Accounts

Easily create new email addresses for employees, departments, or specific purposes as your endeavor grows.


Unlimited Mailing Lists

Grow your subscriber base without worrying about limits on the number of mailing lists you can create



SpamAssassin is an email filtering system designed to identify and filter out unsolicited and unwanted email.


Auto Responders

Autoresponders automatically send pre-written messages in response to incoming emails.


Control Panel

Control all aspects of your email package using our cPanel control panel.


Mail On Your Mobile

Quickly and easily setup your email accounts on your mobile using a quick wizard.


Perfect for business

One package for all departments

Using a custom email address reinforces your brand identity and promotes brand recognition with every email you send. It ensures consistency across all communication channels and helps to distinguish your business from competitors.


Perfect for individuals

Benefit from better privacy and control

With your own email hosting account, you have greater privacy and control over your data compared to free email services, which may scan your emails for advertising purposes or share your information with third parties.

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