Varnish Software, Atomicorp Partner for High-Performance Web Content Delivery

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DateJul 1, 2024

The product integration will offer Varnish Enterprise customers a powerful but low-network-impact web attack prevention, detection, and resolution option.

Varnish Enterprise accelerates HTTP delivery and offloads traffic from critical web and application infrastructure and enables organizations to control how content is delivered based on resource utilization, logistics, and security requirements. A Varnish WAF is available as an add-on to the core Varnish Enterprise solution. Now, Atomicorp ModSecurity Rules brings military-grade WAF capabilities to the Varnish WAF, protecting web servers and applications against web attacks such as credential theft, code injection, brute force attacks, SQLi, XSS, CSRF, malware, ransomware, and denial of service (DoS).

Atomic ModSecurity Rules layers defense-in-depth security into the web architecture, which is especially important in cloud computing, multiple tenant environments such as Plesk, cPanel, virtualized environments, and popular web applications like WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

“Our partnership with Atomicorp will provide Varnish Enterprise customers with the ability to augment their WAF security profile with enhanced rulesets, ModSecurity support and ModSecurity consulting to meet the most challenging Web Application Firewall security needs,” saidFrank Miller, CTO of Varnish Software. “We’re excited to begin this close collaboration with a security leader like Atomicorp; it marks a significant advancement in our commitment to deliver cutting-edge security solutions and support for our customers.”

The partnership between Varnish Software and Atomicorp represents a strategic step forward in strengthening defenses. Integrating advanced security measures directly into web delivery architecture ensures customers can guard against the full spectrum of web threats while maintaining high performance.

“The openness and distributed nature of the worldwide web offers malicious entities anywhere the opportunity to intercept or wrestle control of web content and web servers and then move laterally,” said Michael Shinn, CEO and Chairman of Atomicorp. “Varnish is a pioneering force in providing its customers a versatile way to securely control content delivery, acceleration and optimization, and Atomicorp is thrilled to contribute defense-in-depth web server, API and web application security toward this mission.”

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