Scale Your IT with a Dynamic Duo – AI and Hybrid Cloud

DateJul 3, 2024

In this episode, host Albert Lawrence discusses the integration of AI across diverse data environments with Hillery Hunter, CTO for IBM Infrastructure and GM of Innovation, and Ash Minhas, Engagement Leader at IBM Innovation Studio. They explore overcoming the complexities of disparate data landscapes to fully harness AIs potential, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.

The episode highlights the importance of optimizing existing technology for impactful business outcomes, such as reduced latency and faster fraud detection, emphasizing a hybrid approach to building and deploying effective AI models. This new series will see Albert Lawrence engaging with AI experts, including technologists and business leaders, to explore generative AI’s capabilities and limitations, its development, responsible implementation, and addressing real-world business problems and solutions.

Hillery Hunter and Ash Minhas share insights on how a hybrid cloud infrastructure supports the successful deployment of AI, allowing businesses to meet latency requirements and achieve cost-efficiency. They emphasize the necessity of managing existing data infrastructure to use generative AI effectively and ensuring security and compliance through AI governance.

The discussion underscores the need for a solid data architecture as a foundation for AI, enabling developers to create, test, and monitor AI models effectively. They provide examples of starting small with AI projects and scaling up using a hybrid cloud environment to enhance business operations, particularly in customer care and internal AI applications.

Tune in to learn how to design an infrastructure for AI that balances flexibility and security, enabling your organization to leverage AI’s full potential and achieve significant business value.

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