Prodia Raises $15M to Build Scalable AI Solutions with Distributed GPUs

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DateJul 3, 2024

Prodia, a pioneering network of distributed GPUs for AI inference solutions, has secured $15 million in a seed round led by Dragonfly Capital. The funding will support Prodias mission to create scalable and affordable AI solutions leveraging Web3 technology. In an era where the demand for high-performance computing is outpacing the capabilities of centralized infrastructure, Prodia addresses this challenge with its innovative distributed Web3 infrastructure.

By utilizing a global network of GPUs, Prodia offers higher performance and lower costs compared to traditional cloud services. This strategy not only taps into the world’s unused computing power but also democratizes access to cutting-edge AI technologies.

The investment round saw participation from notable firms and individuals including HashKey,, Index Ventures, Symbolic Capital, OKX Ventures, EV3, Artichoke, TRGC, Folius, Tangent Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, Sandeep Nailwal (founder of Polygon), Matthew Roszak, Jeremy Voss (Director of Gen AI at Meta), Amit Vasudev (founder of Clearbit), Thomas France (founder of Ledger), Leon Marshall (CEO of Galaxy Europe), Nicolas Pinto, Kenzi Wang, Jermaine Brown, among others.

Prodia’s architectural approach is foundational to its ability to deliver high-performance, cost-effective AI inference solutions. This transformative method represents a significant departure from conventional practices, positioning Prodia at the forefront of the next evolution in AI infrastructure.

Founded by Monty Anderson, Mikhail Avady, and Shawn Wilkinson – who previously founded Storj, the world’s largest decentralized cloud storage company – Prodia aims to make AI more accessible. Their distributed cloud computes engine is designed to be the most efficient in the world for AI applications. With a straightforward API, developers can integrate the latest AI models into their applications within hours.

High-Performance Inference

Shawn Wilkinson, CEO of Prodia, emphasized the ease of integrating AI with their platform. “Every single software company will have a generative AI component to their app in some form. We have made it so easy to add AI into any application that our customers don’t even need to know what a GPU is.” Prodia co-founder Mikhail Avady added, “This is what sets us apart and why the top AI generation companies choose Prodia over the nightmare of fighting for machines on AWS or self-hosting.”

The new funding will drive Prodia’s growth into new areas, including generative video and support for more large language models (LLMs). Additionally, it will facilitate the expansion of the Prodia network to accommodate more types of GPU hardware and providers. Anirudh Pai, Partner at Dragonfly, expressed confidence in Prodia’s potential, stating, “We believe Prodia sits at the vanguard of the generative AI transformation. Their API has bleeding-edge inference capabilities, and we are thrilled to see their progress in making high-performance inference available for all.”

Prodia recently launched a low-latency API for enterprise customers, achieving best-in-class inference speeds globally. Monty Anderson, co-founder of Prodia, explained the technological advancements, “Using tech like JWTs, gossip protocols, and connection pooling, we’ve built the fastest inference orchestration tool. It acts as a distributed system to deliver high efficiency and availability with minimal latency.”

With this substantial financial support and a strong technology base, Prodia would be well-positioned to transform the AI infrastructure market and open up previously unattainable and scalable high-performance, affordable AI solutions.

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