Megaport, Aviatrix to Simplify Hybrid and Multicloud Network Connectivity

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DateJul 10, 2024

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the hybrid and multicloud connectivity landscape to help enterprises in highly regulated industries achieve operational efficiency and resilience.

Secure Connectivity Solutions for a Multi and Hybrid Cloud World

According toGartner, 65% of application workloads will be optimal or ready for cloud delivery by 2027, up from 45% in 2022. The result of hybrid IT (multi and hybrid cloud adoption) can significantly reduce end-to-end visibility and be extremely difficult to support, costly, and hard to staff, making it difficult to maintain high levels of service for business performance. The opportunity is even more pronounced for highly regulated industries such as financial services and HCLS where security, resiliency, and privacy are paramount.

Through this partnership, Megaport and Aviatrix will combine their strengths to offer an unparalleled network and security solution. Megaport’s global private network, together with Aviatrix’s cloud networking and network security solutions, will provide customers with secure, resilient, high-performance multicloud and hybrid cloud connectivity with a new level of observability and cost reduction. This joint effort will address key market demands, including simplified cloud interconnectivity, increased operational resiliency and regulatory compliance, cost reductions, and the need for secure data and application mobility across multi and hybrid cloud environments.

The new integrated service offering allows customers to deploy Aviatrix services on Megaport’s Network Function Virtualization platform, Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE), which gives access to Megaport’s global private network spanning 25+ countries and over 850 data centers worldwide. Megaport’s fully automated connectivity platform enables customers to deploy path-protected private connections between data centers and clouds on-demand and build networks with maximum availability and without friction or delay. The platform integrates seamlessly with Aviatrix’s cloud networking software which offers a simplified, cloud-like experience to build resilient, encrypted, and performant hybrid networks.

A Vision for the Future

“Through our collaboration with Aviatrix, we are not just responding to the current needs of the market; we are anticipating the future demands of hybrid cloud connectivity,” saidMichael Reid, Chief Executive Officer at Megaport. “This partnership embodies our commitment to providing secure, flexible, and efficient solutions for our customers, enabling them to thrive in a multicloud ecosystem.”

“With Aviatrix and Megaport’s joint leadership in cloud networking, we are thrilled to offer the most secure, performant, and cost-effective multicloud connectivity surpassing the stringent compliance requirements for regulated industries like financial services and healthcare and life sciences,” said Doug Merritt, Chief Executive Officer at Aviatrix. “This is clearly a breakthrough in hybrid and multicloud management.”

About Megaport

Megaport is changing how businesses connect their infrastructure, with one smart and simple platform to manage every connection. Build secure, scalable, and agile networks in just a few clicks, accessing global endpoints and creating private paths in minutes. Trusted by the world’s leading companies, Megaport partners with global service providers, DC operators, systems integrators, and managed services companies, and operates in 850+ enabled locations worldwide. Megaport is ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is the cloud networking expert. We’re on a mission to make cloud networking simple so companies stay agile. Trusted by more than 500 of the world’s leading enterprises, our cloud networking platform creates the visibility, security, and control needed to adapt with ease and move ahead at speed. Combined with the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, the industry’s leading multicloud networking and security certification, Aviatrix empowers the cloud networking community to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. Learn more at

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