Meet the Board at AlmaLinux Day Germany 2024

DateJul 8, 2024

In this engaging video, the board members of the AlmaLinux Foundation are presented. Benny Vasquez, the Director of the Board, introduces the session. The video features insights from Simon Phipps, a veteran in open source initiatives and a community governance specialist; Alex Irribarren, a systems engineer with extensive experience in Linux engineering at CERN; and Jesse Asklund, a chief experience officer at WebPros.

Benny Vasquez kicks off the discussion, highlighting her journey in community management and the importance of engaging users without commercial pressures. Simon shares his passion for open source, emphasizing the significance of software freedom and community-driven development. Alex Irribarren explains CERN’s reliance on a stable, long-term operating system like AlmaLinux for their particle accelerator operations and international collaborations. Jesse Asklundiscusses WebPros’ commitment to supporting AlmaLinux for its stability and security.

The panelists address various questions, including the role of AlmaLinux in the enterprise Linux server ecosystem, the importance of community engagement, and the challenges of maintaining open-source projects. They encourage viewers to become members, contribute to the foundation, and support the ongoing development of AlmaLinux. The session concludes with a Q&A, inviting audience participation and fostering a sense of community involvement.

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