marketgoo Announces Partnership with cdmon for SEO Tools

DateJul 7, 2024

MADRID, Spain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools provider marketgoo has partnered with cdmon, a top web hosting provider based in Spain.

cdmon will now offer SEO Tools that are powered by marketgoo, enabling their customers to grow their business by optimizing their site to get more traffic and better rankings in search results.

Collaborating with different providers to create an ecosystem of high quality, relevant services was on our Roadmap, so partnering with marketgoo to offer guided SEO tools is a milestone for us and marks a turning point in how we enable our customers online success. said Jaume R. Palau, CEO of cdmon.

cdmon customers can now generate comprehensive SEO audits, receive website evaluation reports, and act upon easy-to-read results and instructionsthat will help guide their online success.

cdmons marketgoo-powered SEO Tools are available as a web application and as a WordPress plugin. No previous SEO experience is required to use them, and they are a good fit for any type of site, both for new or more established websites.

The tool scans users websites continuously, generating regularly-updated website reports with opportunities for improvement and a custom website improvement plan with prioritized tasks and step-by-step instructions.

The tool provides guidance through all of the tasks, so customers can make the changes that are needed on their site and dont incur costs hiring expensive consultants or agencies.

Features include:

User friendly, step-by-step search engine optimization planTools and recommendations focused on increasing sites quality traffic and inbound linksAnalytics to help track of results over timeKeyword trackingCompetitor trackingMobile and Speed Optimization and improvementsMonthly SEO reports

cdmon has a remarkable focus on customer satisfaction and success, which is something that resonated with us. They are a leading Spanish company with over 20 years of experience and strong values – to have them now offering SEO tools powered by marketgoo is exciting, and we are confident that their customers will benefit from the tools guidance and ease of use. said Wences Garca, CEO of marketgoo.

SEO Tools are now available during the registration process for all cdmons web hosting packages. More information is available at:

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