IGXGlobal Debuts Storage-as-a-Service in UK and Europe with Pure Storage

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DateJul 4, 2024

IGXGlobal, a subsidiary of U.S.-based ePlus (NASDAQ NGS: PLUS), has announced the launch of its customized Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering, powered by Pure Storage Evergreen//One, for customer organizations across the UK and Europe. This expansion aims to bring the advantages of flexible, subscription-based storage solutions to a broader audience, backed by IGXs technical support and customer success resources.

The STaaS offering from IGXGlobal integrates Pure Storage Evergreen//One’s advanced storage capabilities with a flexible consumption model, enabling European organizations to benefit from features such as expedited issue resolution, first-call technical support, customer success resources, enhanced storage capacity planning, billing, and forecasting. The service adopts a consumption-based utility model, providing on-demand burst capacity to accommodate agility and growth.

Storage-as-a-Service is resonating with our customers across many industries due to its flexible consumption model, which enables organizations to minimize the risk of over or under-buying data center infrastructure capacity,” said Justin Mescher, vice president of AI, cloud, and data center solutions at ePlus. “With the rapidly growing interest in AI applications, the need for on-demand burst and growth capacity has increased substantially, resulting in new customer demands.”

George Pashardis, senior vice president of international sales atePlus, highlighted the dual benefits of the STaaS offering: cost-effective data flexibility and access to IGX’s expert support. “Storage-as-a-Service powered by Pure Storage provides not only a cost-effective and convenient way for our customers to harness data flexibility but also access to expert IGX first-call support and customer success resources,” said Pashardis. “We’re excited that, based on the success of this offering in the U.S., we are now able to offer this structure to our UK and European customers and enable them to enjoy the many benefits available from STaaS.”

Pure Storage Evergreen//One

Wendy Stusrud, vice president of global partner sales at Pure Storage, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “The expansion of IGX’s Storage-as-a-Service offering into the UK and Europe demonstrates exciting momentum for delivering the Pure Platform to our joint customers. With Pure Storage Evergreen//One powering the IGX STaaS offering, our customers have an unrivaled data storage solution that meets their most challenging data storage use cases. We are delighted to partner with IGX to make this happen.”

This move by IGXGlobal not only increases its reach, but it also gives European companies cutting-edge storage options that offer more adaptability, growth, and help, meeting the changing needs of businesses that depend on data.

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