How AI is Enabling Hourly Matching of Carbon-Free Energy in Data Centers

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DateJul 1, 2024

In this episode of NVIDIA GTC, Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at EdgeConneX, and David Miller, VP of Business Development at Gridmatic, discuss the pivotal role AI plays in achieving 100% renewable energy for data centers. With AI driving the location and design of data centers, enterprises can now access hydroelectric and other renewable sources, even in less developed areas.

Phillip Marangella highlights EdgeConneX’s extensive global platform of over 60 data centers, emphasizing their commitment to building purpose-built data centers for cloud, content, and AI services while focusing on sustainability. By leveraging AI, EdgeConneX aims to reduce their carbon footprint and operate data centers more efficiently, making significant strides in sustainability from carbon to water usage.

David Miller explains Gridmatic’s use of AI-based models to predict electricity supply and demand, optimizing the integration of renewable energy into data centers. He discusses the challenges of traditional renewable energy credits (RECs) and emphasizes the importance of 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE), which matches power consumption with renewable energy generation on an hourly basis. This approach incentivizes the transition to a fully decarbonized grid, aligning with the growing adoption of CFE by leading tech companies.

Together, EdgeConneX and Gridmatic showcase their partnership in implementing AI-driven sustainability solutions. By using AI for advanced energy forecasting and management, they enhance the efficiency and environmental impact of data centers. This collaboration exemplifies the intersection of AI and sustainability, offering a blueprint for other enterprises striving to achieve 100% renewable energy in their data center operations. Tune in to learn more about this innovative approach to sustainable data center management.

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