Hexatronic Group Acquires of Endors Data Center Operations

DateJul 9, 2024

Publicly listed Swedish company Hexatronic Group has announced its intent to acquire parts of Endor, adata center service providerowned by Icelandic company Sn hf. This strategic move aims to bolster Hexatronics data center offerings, particularly in hybrid IT solutions for large organizations managing vast amounts of data.

The acquisition will extend Hexatronics reach into Iceland, Sweden, and Germany, integrating new expertise and an established customer base from these regions.

Martin berg, Deputy CEO of Hexatronic, highlighted the importance of this acquisition, stating, “The business we are acquiring focuses on hybrid IT solutions for larger organizations that manage an ever-growing amount of data today. It is an attractive part of the market and means that we are now broadening our Data Center offering with end-to-end solutions, including hardware and managed services.”

Despite the strategic significance, the acquisition is not expected to have a notable impact on Hexatronics earnings. The transition involves fewer than five employees moving to Hexatronic, ensuring a smooth integration process.

It is a pleasure to have such a strong player take over the torch in providing solutions for data center and high-performance computing, said Herds Drfn Fjeldsted, CEO of Sn hf.Herds Drfn Fjeldsted, CEO of Sn hf, expressed optimism about the deal, emphasizing the continuity and enhancement of service quality for Endor’s international and large domestic clients. “It is a pleasure to have such a strong player take over the torch in providing solutions for data center and high-performance computing. The transaction primarily affects Endor’s international operations and large domestic customers who utilize specialized hyper-converged solutions. Our local customers will, therefore, continue to be mostly managed by Endor ehf., a subsidiary of Sn hf. We hope this journey and future cooperation with Hexatronic will further strengthen our solutions portfolio for our valuable customers,” she remarked.

Data centers are a key focus area for Hexatronic, contributing to 14% of the Group’s sales in the first quarter of this year. The company anticipates completing the takeover by autumn, marking a significant step in expanding its data center capabilities and service portfolio.

About Hexatronic Group

Hexatronic Group is a publicly listed Swedish company specializing in fiber optic products and solutions. The company provides a comprehensive range of products, systems, and services for the telecommunications industry, primarily focusing on fiber optic infrastructure. Their offerings include fiber optic cables, connectors, tools, and complete systems for various applications, including broadband networks, data centers, and telecom operations.

Hexatronic operates globally, serving customers in numerous countries with advanced fiber optic solutions. The company’s mission is to enable high-speed communication and connectivity, essential for the digital transformation of societies. They emphasize innovation, quality, and customer service in their approach to providing scalable and sustainable solutions for high-performance network infrastructure.

In addition to their core fiber optic business, Hexatronic Group is also active in data center solutions, contributing significantly to their overall sales. The company’s strategic acquisitions and expansions aim to enhance their service offerings and market reach, maintaining a strong position in the rapidly evolving telecommunications and data center markets.

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