EU Enterprises Struggle with GenAI, Google Cloud Providers Step In

DateJul 10, 2024

European enterprises are increasingly intrigued by Generative AI (GenAI), but many still grapple with structuring their internal data to create a robust foundation for AI and ML models, according to a new research report by Information Services Group (ISG). The 2024 ISG Provider Lens Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem report highlights the role of Google ecosystem providers in helping these enterprises navigate the complexities of GenAI by adopting structured approaches to identifying viable business use cases.

Google Cloud, already a favored environment for data and ML workloads, now offers enhanced tools and solutions updated with GenAI capabilities through access to Googles Gemini large language models and various third-party and open models. This expanded functionality supports enterprises in transitioning from traditional data warehouses to modern, AI-driven data meshes, which utilize ML technologies to gather and organize data from diverse business domains.

Dr. Matthias Paletta, ISG partner for Technology Modernization in EMEA, notes that providers are assisting European enterprises in this shift, leveraging data meshes to improve data management across enterprises. These advanced data strategies are not just beneficial but essential for compliance, especially under the EUs GDPR. This regulation mandates stringent management of data within geographic borders, making data sovereignty a critical factor for infrastructure and managed services offered by Google ecosystem providers in Europe.

European MSPs

The report by ISG outlines various methods employed by providers to address data sovereignty concerns. These include regional selection and management, private cloud solutions, and specific sovereign cloud offerings on Google Cloud. These sovereign clouds feature enhanced auditing, access management, and threat detection systems, providing a higher level of security and compliance.

Jan Erik Aase, partner and global leader of ISG Provider Lens Research, emphasizes that European enterprises are looking for cloud solutions that balance control with innovation. Managed service providers (MSPs) in Europe are noted for their expertise in data sovereignty and regulatory compliance, ensuring that enterprises can harness the power of cloud technology while adhering to stringent data protection laws.

In summary, while European enterprises are keen to leverage GenAI, they face significant challenges in data structuring and regulatory compliance, according to the ISG report. Google Cloud ecosystem providers would play a crucial role in helping these enterprises adopt modern data strategies and meet regulatory requirements, thereby enabling them to fully realize the potential of GenAI and other advanced technologies.

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