DartPoints Podcast: A Look Back at VeeamON 2024

DateJul 2, 2024

In this episode of the DartPoints Podcast, recorded on June 21, 2024, the hosts welcome listeners to an exciting session filled with insights from the Von 2024 conference. After a brief technical glitch, the team, featuring James Williamson, William Sellers, Lee Rivas, and Tim Hudson, dives into a detailed recap of their conference experiences and the latest developments in virtualization and cloud computing.

James Williamson: Manager of Solutions Architects (DartPoints)William Sellers: Solutions Architect (DartPoints)Tim Hudson: Principal Solutions Architect (Veeam)Lee Rivas: Systems Engineer, Cloud & Service Providers (Veeam)

The conversation kicks off with Tim Hudson and Lee Rivas who both share their extensive backgrounds and roles in the company. Hudson, having been with Veeam for eight years, emphasizes his work with partners in building and delivering VM-powered services, while Rivas covers the Southeast territory, focusing on service providers.

The hosts highlight the major announcements from the conference, particularly the upcoming features in VH’s v2.2 and the anticipated v13. They discuss the introduction of Proxmox support and other hypervisors, the integration of new features like MongoDB support, and the importance of Microsoft Intra ID for Azure. The conversation touches on the significance of these developments in enhancing data portability and security for enterprise customers.

The podcast also delves into the advancements in Veeam’s AI integration within its products. The AI capabilities in V1, including alarm overviews and threat center reports, promise to streamline data protection and management tasks, offering a comprehensive view of backup environments and potential security threats.

Another key topic is the partnership with Coveware, which brings ransomware response and data recovery expertise to VH’s suite of services. This collaboration is set to enhance VH’s ability to support customers before, during, and after ransomware incidents.

Listeners are reminded that recordings from the VeeamOn 2024 conference sessions are available online until July 15. The hosts encourage those who missed the live event to catch up on the content.

Tune in to the Dart Points Podcast for an in-depth discussion on these innovations and their impact on the industry, providing valuable insights.

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