Cognizant Neuro Edge Designed to Enhance AI for Edge Computing

DateJul 2, 2024

Cognizant Neuro Edge has been unveiled, a new addition toCognizants Neuro suite designed to empower businesses across various industries with artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI capabilities at the edge. This platform aims to enhance the value chain ofedge AI, offering businesses a more efficient way to leverage computing power directly through sensors and devices within their networks, thereby reducing reliance on centralized servers and the cloud.

According to Cognizant, edge computing has emerged as a crucial technology for enterprises, providing localized processing power that allows for faster data analysis and decision-making. Cognizants Neuro Edge capitalizes on this by enabling real-time interactions with devices and offering a hybrid Cloud + Edge AI solution. This integration would support immediate decision-making while also benefiting from the comprehensive insights provided by cloud-based longitudinal data.

Vibha Rustagi, Global Head of IoT and Engineering at Cognizant, highlighted the significance of edge computing in todays digital landscape. Enterprises are increasingly embracing edge computing to enhance the responsiveness of their distributed devices and extract meaningful insights from the data they generate. Cognizant Neuro Edge exemplifies our leadership in creating a new approach to combining on-board computing and processing with cloud services, helping businesses unlock generative AI-driven benefits in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and risk mitigation.

Cloud-Agnostic by Design

Enterprises are increasingly embracing edge computing to enhance the responsiveness of their distributed devices and extract meaningful insights from the data they generate, said Vibha Rustagi, Global Head of IoT and Engineering at Cognizant.Neuro Edge is designed to be cloud-agnostic, making it suitable for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Its potential applications span several industries where data privacy, security, and real-time decision-making are critical. For instance, in healthcare, the platform can assist doctors in real-time decision-making through diagnostic sensors. In MedTech, it enables on-device adjustments and recommendations based on patient data. The energy sector can optimize operations and responses to weather events, while logistics can streamline fleet performance and reduce downtime through in-vehicle data processing.

In telecommunications, Neuro Edge enhances network security, resiliency, and automation, leading to lower operating costs. Manufacturing benefits from predicting equipment failures, optimizing uptime, and reducing operational costs. The retail sector can utilize intelligent video analysis for real-time theft prevention and monitor in-store traffic patterns to enhance customer service. In the automotive industry, the platform can transform the driver and passenger experience by providing real-time, context-aware recommendations via cloud connections.

A notable application of Neuro Edge in the automotive industry involves Cognizant’s collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. Together, they are deploying generative AI at the automotive edge to revolutionize the driving experience. Nakul Duggal, Group GM of Automotive, Industrial & Embedded IoT, and Cloud Computing at Qualcomm Technologies, emphasized the transformative potential of this partnership. The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change affecting the entire ecosystem. Our work with Cognizant to extend the Snapdragon Digital Chassis’ generative AI capabilities creates new opportunities for automakers to develop highly personalized and contextually relevant experiences for both drivers and passengers.

Investments in both AI and IoT

Neuro Edge integrates APIs within the edge ecosystem, covering sensors, silicon vendors, edge devices, and enterprise applications. It provides a foundational architecture and illustrative applications tailored for diverse industrial scenarios. Additionally, it includes monitoring agents that track performance and facilitate ongoing enhancements through feedback loops.

Joel Martin, executive research leader for HFSs technology, media, and telecommunications research at HFS, underscored the importance of AI and edge technologies. Implementing AI with edge technologies is crucial for firms looking to maximize their investment in both AI and IoT. Cognizants Neuro Edge is an important solution for improving functionality, reducing latency, and securing AI at the edge with enterprise-grade capabilities.

By utilizing Neuro Edge, enterprises can streamline the creation and management of Edge AI applications, simplifying the complexities of generative AI and enabling businesses to concentrate on deriving business value. This platform is set to play a pivotal role in helping firms harness the full potential of edge computing and AI, driving forward their operational capabilities and innovation.

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