Cloud Toscana Advances Colocation Data Center with Legrand Partnership

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DateJul 10, 2024

Cloud Toscana, a regional colocation data center in Italy, offers advanced digital infrastructure and cloud services for the Tuscan Public Administration, businesses, and citizens. Legrand supplied critical data center infrastructure for this project. Initiated in the early 21st century, the Tuscany Cloud System ensures high-speed, interconnected nodes for business continuity and disaster recovery. Aligned with Italy’s National Cloud Strategy, it follows guidelines from the National Cyber Security Agency and agID, providing advanced digital services for everyday and critical data in line with the Digital Transformation Department.

Tuscany, a region renowned globally for its cultural and innovative heritage, has seen the development of the Tuscany Cloud System. This project, which began as a regional data center initiative, has evolved to provide a sophisticated infrastructure to over 300 public bodies, 80 of which have already transitioned to the new cloud model. The system manages more than two petabytes of data and over 1,000 services, impacting a wide range of sectors and the regional population.

The system includes interconnected nodes that offer high-speed data transfer, ensuring resilience and reliability. This infrastructure not only benefits public administration but also serves as a key node in Italy’s National Cloud Strategy for public administration, with advanced cybersecurity measures and green, efficient energy solutions from Legrand, including eco-friendly transformers and state-of-the-art air conditioning systems.

In the white room, the core of the colocation data center, Legrand’s scalable and flexible solutions provide significant advantages. The Starline busway system simplifies power supply without extensive wiring, allowing easy upgrades and modifications without service interruption. This setup meets the dynamic needs of IT infrastructures while maintaining energy efficiency and operational continuity.

Additionally, the Raritan PDUs, known for their reliability and advanced features, ensure continuous network connectivity and efficient power management. These PDUs, equipped with the i7 controller, support comprehensive asset management, access control, environmental monitoring, and capacity management through the DCI IM monitoring software, Power IQ.

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