Beta Systems Unveils Lighthouse Program for Data Center Solutions

DateJul 3, 2024

The update of Beta Systems data center intelligence products serves todays market needs with a wide range of exciting new features that significantly improve the efficiency, flexibility, and security of IT infrastructure operations. We have incorporated hundreds of customer-driven product enhancements that reflect market trends, operational needs, and data-driven user insights.

By leveraging AI and the latest architecture level, product efficiency is being optimized to harness the full processing power of the IBM mainframe. With the support of new mainframe features like z/OSMF or zCX, Beta Systems opens its products for non-z/OS consumers. With an open flexible but standardized API approach, a maximum on containerization of non-mainframe products and a cohesive, modern user experience across the entire product portfolio, the Lighthouse program integrates the IBM mainframe and Beta Systems portfolio seamlessly into hybrid cloud scenarios. This allows organizations to leverage the strengths of their existing IT infrastructure while reaping the benefits of modern cloud technologies and simplifying workload management between mainframe and hybrid cloud solutions.

In addition, the Lighthouse product suite also includes new cloud native products most notable the market leading services orchestration and automation platform ANOW!. As one of Beta Systems first cloud products, ANOW! is offered as an on-premise private cloud as well as a SaaS option. All non-mainframe cloud products will be made available on cloud marketplaces starting with the AWS marketplace to address future needs on products deployment and consumption while opening up for new customer segments.

“Lighthouse is not just another update of our mainframe product family, its the blueprint on how we develop, on how we deliver, and on how we reinvent our product portfolio. With this significant investment, we show our commitment to support the digital transformation efforts of our customers providing them with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing technological landscape,” says Mirko Minnich, CTO and Member of the Board at Beta Systems.

The Lighthouse Generation will be available as of 1st of July 2024.

Further details on the new Lighthouse Generation are available at

About Beta Systems Software AG

For more than 40 years, Beta Systems Software Aktiengesellschaft has been supporting financial services, production, commerce, and IT services companies that operate complex IT system landscapes and processes. In this context, continuously rising transaction loads, data volumes, compliance standards and increasingly complex IT networks result in rising demands regarding the throughput rates, availability, traceability and security of the employed software products and solutions. The Beta Systems portfolio helps to automate, document, analyze and monitor IT processes in the data center, facilitates access control, monitors IT infrastructure and security, and assists companies in controlling IT services.

Beta Systems was founded in 1983, is listed in the Scale segment of the German stock exchange and employs approx. 600 people across the Group. The company is headquartered in Berlin and operates key development sites in Cologne, Munich, Neustadt (Weinstrasse), Szczecin and Wroclaw. The company, together with its over 20 self-owned subsidiaries and numerous partners, is active across the globe. More than 1,000 companies worldwide use products and solutions from the Beta Systems Group, making it one of the leading medium-sized independent software providers in Europe.

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