Yottaa Becomes Official Fastly Managed Services Provider

DateJun 27, 2024

This expansion builds on more than seven years of leveraging the Fastly CDN and will now include Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF, Image Optimization, and Compute offerings.

“We are sending a clear signal to the market that Yottaa is dedicated to delivering the best website performance and security for our customers,” Mike Dickerson, CEO of Yottaa, said. “By leveraging Fastly’s powerful Edge Cloud Platform, we can focus on what we do best: innovating within the browser and at the edge.”

As Yottaa transitions out of the CDN business, it remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver exceptional managed services that leverage the powerful capabilities of Fastly‘s Edge Cloud Platform. By harnessing Fastly’s robust security features and edge computing solutions, Yottaa is able to offer seamless integration and management across multiple networks and cloud providers. Yottaa’s software will continue to focus on digital performance monitoring and site speed optimization, enhancing conversion rates through innovative client-side and edge computing technologies. Yottaa customers will continue to benefit from its expertise and the secure, high-performance modern network from Fastly.

Yottaa‘s decision to expand its partnership was driven by the desire to offer customers the very best in website performance and security. “The Fastly/Yottaa team provided excellent support and expert advice in our transition to Fastly from our previous CDN provider. We have a complex multi-site, multi-environment footprint, and the Yottaa team made the transition easy for us,”Mike Hoefer, Director of Web Product & Strategy at King Arthur Baking Company, said. “In addition to improving our overall security stance, our site speed has improved by 250 milliseconds, and we have seen a 13% improvement in our Time to First Bite measurements.” By utilizing Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform, Yottaa can ensure faster load times, improved user experiences, and enhanced security measures without compromising its core strengths.

“We’re proud to enable Yottaa’s solution on the Fastly Edge Platform. Yottaa’s mission to ‘Help eCommerce Brands Improve Shopper Experience’ and Fastly’s mission to ‘Make the Internet a Better Place’ are deeply aligned,” Todd Nightingale, Fastly’s CEO, said. “Yottaa now leverages powerful Delivery, Security, and Compute services from Fastly. We’re excited to partner with them to provide fast, safe, and engaging digital experiences around the world.”

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