Vertiv CEO: Data Center Liquid Cooling is Now Accelerating

DateJun 14, 2024

Giordano Albertazzi, CEO of Vertiv – specializing in cooling solutions for data centers, discusses the use of data center liquid cooling driven by AI.

In light of the fact that their stock performance has been skyrocketing, Mr. Albertazzi breaks into the elements that are driving this rise and emphasizes the crucial impact that AI plays. In spite of obstacles such as supply chain bottlenecks, he examines the present demand-supply dynamics of the market as well as the company’s capacity to transform backlogs into projects.

In addition, Mr. Albertazzi discusses the rapid expansion of their artificial intelligence project pipeline as well as the anticipated acceleration of the deployment of liquid cooling in data centers by the year 2024. As you tune in, you will gain insights into the future of the infrastructure of data centers.

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