SUSE Acquires StackState to Boost Cloud-Native Observability

DateJun 18, 2024

At SUSECON 2024 in Berlin, Germany, SUSE has announced its acquisition of StackState, an advanced full-stack observability platform. StackState’s technology provides IT teams with a streamlined approach to identifying and resolving issues in containerized cloud environments. By integrating StackState into Rancher Prime, SUSE’s container management service, the company aims to enhance cloud-native observability for enterprise clients.

With the rapid growth in cloud adoption and container usage, traditional monitoring methods are becoming outdated. StackState‘s comprehensive observability and application monitoring capabilities will be integrated into SUSE’s Rancher Prime. This integration will help customers protect user experiences, enhance cross-team collaboration, and consolidate cloud-native applications into a unified view. Additionally, SUSE plans to open source StackState to promote widespread adoption.

As the number of online systems and devices grows, so does the demand for AI data analytics. StackState’s technology, which correlates events over time to identify root causes in complex distributed systems and suggests remedies, will bolster SUSE’s offerings, driving innovation and efficiency for customers. The acquisition also opens possibilities for future developments in cost management, smart issue remediation, environment optimization, and Industrial IoT observability.

The Potential of Private AI

SUSE is also launching SUSE AI, a strategy for enterprise-grade generative AI. This initiative will offer a turnkey platform allowing businesses to run private GenAI solutions on-premises or in the cloud using their preferred large language models (LLMs). SUSE is inviting customers and partners to participate in the SUSE AI Early Access Program to shape the future of secure open-source AI.

SUSE’s AI strategy aims to provide a secure, modular, vendor and LLM-agnostic platform for enterprises. The upcoming AI solutions will leverage SUSE’s open-source, enterprise-grade Linux, Rancher Prime Kubernetes management, and NeuVector Prime security features. These solutions would ensure secure data flow, reduce regulatory risks, and enhance security, helping enterprises maximize the benefits of generative AI while managing associated risks. 

The SUSE AI Early Access Program would align with SUSE‘s commitment to collaboration and innovation. It will bring together customers, partners, and SUSE’s GenAI experts to shape the development of SUSE AI solutions. Participants will access the latest builds and receive support from SUSE consultants to harness the potential of Private AI.

This strategic move by SUSE underscores its dedication to advancing cloud-native observability and secure, enterprise-grade AI solutions, addressing the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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