SurrealDB Secures $20M Investment, Launches Beta for Surreal Cloud

DateJun 19, 2024

SurrealDB, a pioneering multi-model database company, has successfully secured $20 million in a recent investment round led by FirstMark and Georgian, with additional participation from Crew Capital and Alumni Ventures. This new funding elevates the total investment in SurrealDB to $26 million.

The company also announced the beta launch of Surreal Cloud, inviting interested users to sign up for access at

The appeal of SurrealDB would lie in its ability to consolidate various database models into a single, flexible platform. This consolidation would particularly be attractive to enterprises looking to streamline their data management processes. The adoption of multi-model databases is on the rise as software developers seek efficient solutions to manage diverse data requirements without juggling multiple database systems. SurrealDB’s open-source project has garnered significant attention, amassing over 25,000 stars on GitHub, marking it as one of the fastest-growing projects in the database industry.

SurrealDB would offer developers a platform to build modern, real-time applications more rapidly and cost-effectively. It would reduce the need for extensive backend infrastructure management and complex API creation while providing flexibility across different data models and cloud environments. This capability could be a game-changer for organizations burdened by the costs and complexities of managing multiple databases. Typically, enterprises manage three to four databases, which may not only inflate costs but also hamper developer productivity. Developers would often spend a disproportionate amount of time managing infrastructure and learning new programming languages, leaving less time for actual application development.

AI Workflows, ML Inference, Model Processing

Additionally, SurrealDB incorporates advanced security and access permissions, along with indexing capabilities tailored for AI workflows, machine learning inference, and model processing. The database is built entirely on Rust, a general-purpose programming language known for its superior performance in critical applications due to its focus on safety, speed, and concurrency.

Matt Turck, Partner at FirstMark, highlighted the shifting trends in the database market. “Each industry goes through phases of bundling and unbundling. The database market saw an explosion of specialized databases in the 2010s, resulting in growing complexity for developers. The pendulum has now swung back to rebundling and simplification. SurrealDB is rapidly emerging as the leader in that trend, offering tremendous versatility and performance to developers, whether they want to build simple applications or engage in advanced AI work. I’m thrilled to double down in the Series A after leading the seed round.”

Emily Walsh, Lead Investor at Georgian, emphasized the impact of SurrealDB’s multi-model approach. “SurrealDB’s novel multi-model database simplifies backend architecture and provides a powerful but user-friendly developer experience. Through our due diligence, including usage by Georgian’s internal AI Lab, we have observed SurrealDB’s ability to consolidate multiple databases, which can reduce cost and complexity while also providing simple and intuitive querying. The pace of development by the SurrealDB team has resulted in one of the fastest growing open-source projects we have seen, and we’re very excited to partner with the company as it launches to an even broader audience.”

SurrealDB’s CEO and co-founder, Tobie Morgan Hitchcock, expressed his commitment to enhancing developer productivity and disrupting the database market. “As a developer myself, I passionately believe in creating software that enables all developers to focus on building the most innovative applications. With SurrealDB, we’re not just enhancing productivity; we’re disrupting the database market. The support and enthusiasm from our community have been instrumental to our growth and success. We are committed to open-source development and will continue to innovate and provide powerful, accessible tools that empower developers worldwide. We are honored to have FirstMark, Georgian, Crew Capital, and Alumni Ventures support our vision. Their investment and support will help us scale faster and meet growing demand.”

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