Supermicro AI Infrastructure GTC24 Update: : AI Racks, Liquid-Cooling

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DateJun 16, 2024

This video offers a summary of the most recent artificial intelligence infrastructure solutions that Supermicro has presented at the GTC 2024 conference hosted by NVIDIA. The fact that it features 384-node systems with 372 unified GPUs and a high-performance Infiniband fabric would be a demonstration of Supermicro’s skill in the construction of large-scale artificial intelligence training clusters.

In addition, the video discusses Supermicro’s portfolio of edge AI systems and AI-optimized storage solutions, as well as the company’s breakthroughs in liquid cooling technologies, which are designed to solve the increasing power and thermal problems, which are associated with artificial intelligence workloads. Important highlights include conversations about the rack-scale artificial intelligence architectures developed by Supermicro, AI-focused server systems, and the company’s initiatives to handle the rising demands of generative artificial intelligence and LLM training.

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