Software-Defined Vertical Industries: Transformation Through Open Source

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DateJun 27, 2024

The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering innovation through open source, is releasing a new report titled Software-Defined Vertical Industries: Transformation Through Open Source. Sponsored by LF Energy, this report delves into how vertical industries are increasingly becoming software-defined thanks to the adoption of open source technologies. It provides a comprehensive guide for industries at the early stages of digital transformation, illustrating how they can expedite their progress and enhance innovation by both adopting and contributing to open source.

The report covers a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, energy, entertainment, financial services, media, and telecommunications. It offers specific examples of successful digital transformations facilitated by open source technologies and standards.

In-depth insights are provided into how various industries, some with centuries-old histories, are advancing their digital transformation agendas. These industries are leveraging open source as a catalyst for innovation, integrating collaborative development models into their R&D processes, and relying on open source technologies to maintain their competitive edge. The report outlines the benefits of such collaborative models, highlighting improved interoperability, accelerated development timelines, more innovative solutions, cost reductions, and extended product lifespans.

The report also discusses the impact of major technological trends and innovations, such as AI, cloud-native computing, IoT, and software-defined networking, on these industries.

“By examining the successes of other industries in their digital and open source journeys, we aim to inspire those just beginning their transformation,” said Alex Thornton, executive director of LF Energy, the report’s sponsor. “This includes the energy sector, which has made strides in digitalization but still has significant work to do in adopting best practices in collaboration, innovation, and cybersecurity. The energy transition requires us to digitally optimize our physical infrastructure, and open source is the most effective way to build this digital layer quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.”

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