Selecting the Appropriate Workload for Edge, Core, and Cloud

DateJun 17, 2024

Join seasoned technical consultant Rick McEvoy, who specializes in Dell Technologies, as he walks you through the process of choosing the ideal workload for cloud, edge, and core settings.

Rick McEvoy has over 21 years of experience in the IT sector and is an expert at assisting businesses in finding and implementing the best IT infrastructure to suit their particular requirements.

In this educational video, Mr. McEvoy offers insightful commentary and useful suggestions on:

Being aware of the distinctions between cloud, edge, and core computingAssessing the unique needs and workloads of your companyMaking well-informed choices to maximize cost-effectiveness, scalability, and performanceMaking use of Dell Technologies’ products to improve your information technology setup

Whether you’re a corporate executive, an IT specialist, or just interested in learning more about the newest developments in IT infrastructure, this video is jam-packed with insider information to help you understand the intricacies of today’s (cloud) computing systems.

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