Rittal Announces a New Generation of Fan-and-Filter Unit

DateJun 17, 2024

Fan-and-filter units are a popular and cost-effective solution wherever ambient air can be used to regulate the temperature in an enclosure. They are by far the most frequent choice for enclosure climate control. This new generation provides a smarter approach to cooling system maintenance; with its emergency cooling function, for example, the new Blue e+ fan-and-filter unit responds actively to compensate for an unexpected temperature rise. This protects components from overheating and avoids the costs associated with a system shutdown.

Tool-Free Handling Saves Time

The last generation of fan-and-filter units was already designed for tool-free mounting and maintenance, but the relevant mechanical components have now been given a full makeover. The snap-in hooks for unit mounting and the opening mechanism for filter replacement now function even more smoothly. Proven features such as simple reversal of the air flow direction and flexible positioning of the power connection have been retained. Further modifications relate to the overall Rittal design with the grille slats now arranged vertically. This has all been done without affecting the protection rating.

Intelligence Packed into a Minimum of Space

Blue e+ fan-and-filter units are available in five sizes, covering eight output classes from 15 CFM to 683 CFM (20 m3/h to 1,160 m3/h) air throughput. The AC/DC models cater to all basic requirements, while an EMC variant is available for applications that place special demands on the electromagnetic shielding of housings. EC technology permits speed control and fan monitoring via an analogue interface. Temperature regulation is adapted to the actual conditions – a smart function that saves energy and extends the service life. The new generation offers further benefits such as a wide power input range (100–240 V) and a ModBus interface for monitoring, control, and alarm functionalities.

Full Control via an IoT Interface

Fan-and-filter units that are integrated via the Rittal IoT interface supply information on status, capacity utilization, operating hours, and energy consumption. If several enclosures are standing nearby, therefore, it is possible to locate the exact source of critical heat build-ups and to determine the associated fan-and-filter unit. The operator is informed, and the emergency cooling function of the fan-and-filter unit is activated as soon as the temperature exceeds the alarm threshold value. An increase in fan speed and thus air throughput delays possible overheating. The fan-and-filter unit returns to its normal operating mode as soon as the temperature drops back below the threshold value. In addition to operational security, the new generation provides an even longer service life; the automatic filter cleaning function blows dust particles out of the filter several times a day. Operators can also define a virtual operating period as the basis for a display of the time remaining until the next filter replacement is due, similar to the fuel gauge of a motor vehicle. This facilitates the planning of maintenance on demand, which saves further time and expense.

As far as the principal task of a fan-and-filter unit is concerned, namely maximum particle retention while at the same time allowing as much air as possible to pass, Rittal is setting new standards with its serial pleated filters. Thanks to the pleating, the surface area is six times larger, air throughput is increased by 40%, and maintenance intervals can be doubled or even tripled depending on the application. Together, these features of the new generation of Blue e+ fan-and-filter units raise this conventional form of enclosure climate control to a new level.

About Rittal LLC

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