Precisely Deepens AWS Mainframe Modernization Partnership

DateJun 20, 2024

The new feature of the AWS Mainframe Modernization service leverages Precisely Connect to simplify and accelerate the application testing process in the AWS Cloud, helping customers reduce risk, save development time, and quickly modernize mainframe applications.

Seventy percent of time spent on migrating and modernizing mainframe applications to the cloud is spent on application testing. The testing is often complex and time consuming as the migrated cloud application must be validated to function the same as the mainframe version of that application.

AWS Mainframe Modernization Application Testing validates functional equivalence between the source mainframe application and the target modernized application. After running a test scenario on a mainframe, Application Testing uses Precisely Connect’s real-time CDC capabilities to capture the data output from a mainframe application and automatically compared it to the data output from the application run on AWS. This testing can be done repetitively with the same set of data and can provide the user control over the variables being tested. Application Testing gives customers confidence in their data replicated to AWS Cloud and mitigates application modernization risks before fully shifting production applications from mainframe systems to the AWS Cloud.

“With AWS Mainframe Modernization and the new Application Testing feature, businesses have a comprehensive set of tools available to quickly complete modernization projects on time and free up resources to focus on other priorities,” said Chris Hall, Chief Product Officer at Precisely. “This is a great milestone for our continued partnership with AWS and it further validates the tremendous data integrity value Precisely Connect’s change data capture capabilities bring to mainframe environments.”

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