Official Opening of Three Toronto Colocation Data Centers by Telehouse

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DateJun 12, 2024

Telehouse Canada has inaugurated its new trio of data centers located strategically in downtown Toronto, marking a significant enhancement in the nation’s digital infrastructure. As a prominent provider of colocation data center services, Telehouse Canada aims to bolster the Canadian digital economy by extending high-speed Internet coverage and enhancing digital services across the country.

Situated at key sites on Front Street and King Street, these three colocation facilities would serve as vital hubs for telecommunications, linking various service providers and carriers, thus facilitating digital connectivity.

The official launch occurs after Telehouse reached a deal to buy three Toronto data centers in June 2023 with parent firm and leading Japanese telecoms provider KDDI.

The colocation data centers would be home to a significant portion of Canada’s Internet and telecom providers, positioning Telehouse as a crucial gateway for national and international data flow. This connectivity can prove to be vital as Canada pushes forward with its digital strategy, anticipating the full integration of technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2030.

Data Center Acquisition, KDDI

With about 200 connectivity partners currently hosted, Telehouse Canada is not only looking to expand these partnerships but also to upgrade and increase the capacity of these colocation data centers to meet the surging demand.

Satoshi Adachi, the President and CEO of Telehouse Canada, highlighted the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and flexible technological ecosystem that supports Canadian businesses in scaling operations and accessing global markets efficiently. 

This development follows Telehouse’s acquisition of the three data centers in partnership with its parent company, KDDI, a leader in Japanese telecommunications, providing a robust platform for over 3000 global companies. With these enhanced facilities now operational, they offer a total IT load capacity exceeding 30MW, solidifying Telehouse’s role in driving forward Canada’s digital ambitions.

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