Netfleet integrates a new range of GPS devices with 4G

DateJun 19, 2024

The company’s customers also benefit from GPRS data cards with worldwide coverage at unbeatable prices

One of the advantages of these devices compared to previous models is the data transfer speed, which is up to 10 times higher than that of the 2G network. This ensures fast and reliable transmission of data from the vehicle.

Gradually, 2G networks are expected to phase out across Europe and the world. Due to the higher stability and greater coverage of the 4G network, the likelihood of data transfer interruptions from Netfleet is minimized.

“The new device in the Netfleet platform is a significant step forward in terms of efficiency and stability,” said Antonio Borisov, Product Manager at Netfleet. “It will provide our clients with better control over their vehicles and help them optimize their operations.”

Among the additional benefits is that in the absence of a 4G network, the device automatically switches to 2G networks to ensure the client always stays connected.

Businesses equipped with Netfleet also enjoy another privilege – GPRS data transfer cards with global coverage at unbeatable prices.

Netfleet can be used for tracking the location, condition, and performance of trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery, cars, jets, and all kinds of other vehicles. This makes it an invaluable asset for carriers, agricultural producers, and all companies that want to manage their fleet and vehicles easily and efficiently.

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