MultiCloud Management: Manage & Deploy from Azure, Anthos, the Edge

DateJun 29, 2024

In this video, Craig Terak, Vice President of Product Management at Scale Computing, and Dave Dimlo, Vice President of Product Strategy, introduce Scale Computing’s SE Platform and discuss multicloud management. They highlight the spectrum of IT services overlaying Edge Computing, emphasizing the importance of IT services across cloud, core data centers, and Edge devices.

SE Platform supports Legacy VMs and containerized applications with high availability. The focus is on simplifying deployment, management, and ensuring applications leverage the platform’s capabilities effectively. They discuss empowering infrastructure teams to support various application toolsets seamlessly, such as container lifecycle management and Ansible collections.

They delve into specific integrations with major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, showcasing how SE Platform complements Azure services. Topics include Azure Active Directory for authentication, Azure Arc for managing on-premises resources centrally, Azure File Sync for cloud-based storage, and Azure IoT Edge for deploying edge computing solutions.

They also touch upon AWS services, including AWS Systems Manager for remote management and AWS ECS Anywhere for deploying containerized applications across diverse environments.

Throughout, the discussion emphasizes SE Platform’s role in enabling hybrid and multicloud strategies, providing a unified approach to manage IT infrastructure from core to edge seamlessly.

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