Microsoft’s Dion Ubert Discusses Adaptive Cloud and AI at HPE Discover 2024

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DateJun 24, 2024

In an engaging episode of theCUBE’s live coverage from HPE Discover 2024 in Las Vegas last week, hosts Dave Vellante and Rebecca Knight welcomed Dion Ubert, Global Sales Director for Adaptive Cloud & AI at Microsoft. Ubert, who was previously featured on theCUBE during the Barcelona event, delved into the longstanding partnership between Microsoft and HPE and their co-engineered solutions.

Ubert emphasized the importance of their collaboration, highlighting how their joint efforts have resulted in a robust portfolio that enables running Azure anywhere and everywhere. This partnership facilitates hybrid cloud strategies, integrating AI and data management to help customers unpack and streamline their data across various silos, including on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Ubert introduced Microsoft’s Adaptive Cloud strategy, designed to adapt to customer circumstances, ensuring seamless operation of Azure services across different infrastructures. He cited examples of innovative applications, such as using AI to reduce theft in retail stores by integrating HPE servers with Azure AI capabilities.

The discussion also touched on Microsoft’s data strategy, featuring advancements with partnerships like Databricks and OpenAI, and the introduction of Microsoft Fabric. This cohesive data stack allows customers to analyze and manage their data seamlessly from cloud to edge.

Ubert concluded by stressing the significance of ethical, secure, and inclusive AI development, aligning with the values emphasized by Antonio Neri, HPE’s CEO. The conversation underscored the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the Microsoft-HPE partnership, aiming to drive innovation and deliver comprehensive cloud solutions.

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