Macquarie Data Centres Begins Construction of New Facility in Sydney

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DateJun 23, 2024

Macquarie Data Centres has embarked on the construction of its IC3 Super West data center, selecting FDC Construction (FDC), a prominent Australian construction firm, as the primary contractor. This project is set to enhance Sydney’s AI and cloud data center capacity, reflecting the city’s growing tech infrastructure needs.

IC3 Super West is being specifically designed to handle high-density cloud and AI workloads, incorporating both hybrid air and liquid cooling options. As the third and largest addition to Macquarie’s flagship Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus in Sydney’s North Zone, this facility will increase the total campus IT load to 63 megawatts (MW). Upon completion, IC3 Super West will have all end-state power secured, ensuring readiness for immediate use.

This new development is a critical component of Macquarie Data Centres’ broader expansion strategy, aimed at meeting the escalating demand for capacity from hyperscale, government, and enterprise customers. According to David Hirst, Group Executive of Macquarie Data Centres, “Sovereign AI and cloud data centres are the backbone of Australia’s AI-driven future. Like all of Macquarie Data Centres’ facilities, IC3 Super West will be Certified Strategic by the Australian Federal Government, ensuring a robust compliance posture as data sovereignty and AI regulations tighten both in Australia and globally.”

The collaboration with FDC marks the seventh joint project between the two companies, underscoring their enduring partnership. The previous project, IC3 East, was successfully delivered on time and within budget, reinforcing the reliability and efficiency of this collaboration. Ben Cottle, Founder of FDC Construction, highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, “Our longstanding relationship with Macquarie Data Centres is a testament to the trust and collaboration between our organizations. With the rapid adoption of AI driving increased demand for data centers, FDC’s team of experts remains at the forefront of delivering scalable, energy-efficient facilities like IC3 Super West that support the evolving needs of Macquarie Data Centres’ customers.”

Advanced AI Densities

IC3 Super West will provide customers with advanced AI densities, resilient data halls, dedicated office space, and storage facilities. The project is anticipated to generate over 1,200 jobs in the region. The construction, which will cost approximately $350 million from FY25 to the practical completion of Phase 1, includes delivering the powered core and shell, as well as fitting out 6MW of IT load.

David Hirst emphasized the critical role of advanced data centers in the AI revolution, noting, “The widespread adoption of AI is fueling a new wave of next-generation AI infrastructure and GPUs from tech giants such as Dell and Nvidia. These highly dense compute technologies require purpose-built data centers to meet their significant power and cooling requirements. IC3 Super West is being constructed to address this rising demand here in Australia.”

This development not only signifies a milestone in Macquarie Data Centres‘ expansion efforts but also highlights Sydney’s growing importance as a hub for AI and cloud computing infrastructure. The project underscores the strategic importance of sovereign AI and cloud data centers in supporting Australia’s technological advancement and regulatory compliance in an increasingly data-driven world. 

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