Leaseweb Announces Public Cloud with Global Availability

DateJun 26, 2024

Leaseweb, one of the largest European cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, has announced the availability of its Public Cloud service.Leasewebsays it offers a highly competitive blend of cost-effective flexibility and global availability. Accoring to Leaseweb, theirpublic cloudis designed to be around 30% cheaper than traditional hyperscalers, while delivering the performance, reliability and service levels that customers increasingly demand.

Leaseweb Public Cloud would come with an open price structure with no additional fees. By doing this, companies may benefit from an on-demand subscription model that offers hourly and monthly charging without requiring long-term commitments, all while avoiding upfront investments in software licensing or data center hardware. Leaseweb claims that because it is compatible with current hyperscale platforms, it can be used by enterprises to migrate and install new workloads.

To reduce latency, the new Leaseweb Public Cloud service is available worldwide across seven locations. It is designed to accommodate both basic applications and sophisticated structures, making it appropriate for a broad range of use cases and sectors, including gambling, MartTech, finance, and SaaS.

Leaseweb Public Cloud has been designed in close consultation with customers who value the hyperscale concept but want an alternative with better price, performance and flexibility, said Con Zwinkels, CEO at Leaseweb. Our track record, leadership and customer-first approach, position us to make a significant, positive impact on the public cloud market.

The following are some of Leaseweb Public Clouds primary benefits:

No upfront investment required in software licenses or data centresFlexible and cost-predictive on-demand subscription model, including hourly or monthly billingNo vendor lock-inGlobal availability across seven regions for reduced latencyRobust data sovereignty features99.99% availability SLA for all instances24/7 support by phone and ticketing system in multiple languagesAdvanced API automation and integration with other Leaseweb solutions and hyperscalers

Load Balancer, Free Firewall

Leaseweb Public Cloud has been designed in close consultation with customers who value the hyperscale concept but want an alternative with better price, performance and flexibility, said Con Zwinkels, CEO at Leaseweb.Leaseweb Public Cloud Instances come in virtual server form and offer a variety of configurations for various applications, including memory-optimized, compute-optimized, and general-purpose workloads. The computing power, storage, and network capabilities of each instance are determined by its particular vintage. Customers can link Public Cloud instances and dedicated servers with free private network capabilities. Local NVMe with low latency and 15K IOPS performance is another storage option. Network-attached central SSD storage is also offered. A load balancer is one of the additional features and capabilities that aims to provide high availability and maximum performance by intelligently dispersing freshly generated client requests. As a consequence, the program runs very well, latency is decreased, and user requests are responded to more quickly. In automated deployment scenarios, users may take advantage of autoscaling, which allows them to easily match resources to demand while also guaranteeing optimal performance and cost savings. Every public cloud instance is made more secure by a free firewall, which provides an additional line of defense against unauthorized incoming traffic. Strong data security features would also be included with a free snapshot for each instance.

“The primary reason we chose Leaseweb was their balance between price and performance, said Omer Karabacak, Head of Infrastructure at GmbH. Although there may be cheaper alternatives, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are of good quality. Additionally, Leaseweb stands out in terms of its excellent customer support. No other company has provided us with a whole team of people who guide us every step of the way. Their consultative approach, partnership, and flexibility have been invaluable. Furthermore, we appreciate Leasewebs ease of use. Whether its during the purchase phase, navigating the Customer Portal, or accessing the Knowledge Base, the entire experience has been positive. We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration and are excited about what the future holds for us working together.”

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