Learn about Azure Peering Services London Internet Exchange, LINX

DateJun 25, 2024

This video is a resource for organizations that are increasingly leveraging cloud-based solutions for innovation and efficiency, focusing on optimizing network connectivity to Microsoft Azure. It features experts in cloud networking and Azure solutions who will explain the complexities of Microsoft Azure Peering Services (MAPS) and how it can transform network architectures.

The presentation is tailored for IT professionals, network architects, and business leaders interested in enhancing cloud connectivity and performance. The experts will cover key aspects of MAPS, including its benefits at the London Internet Exchange (LINX), best practices for integrating MAPS into existing networks, strategies for optimizing connectivity and minimizing latency to Microsoft services, and how MAPS can bolster network security and reliability.

Viewers would also benefit from real-world case studies demonstrating the successful implementation of MAPS, and a practical demonstration of the LINX order process for fast service delivery. The discussion aims to clarify the service’s role in improving direct access to public Microsoft services, which is critical for businesses utilizing Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or hosting workloads in Azure without using ExpressRoute but still requiring optimal public connectivity.

This detailed exploration into MAPS provides valuable insights into its setup, operational benefits, and the direct impact it can have on enhancing the efficiency and security of network operations connected to Microsoft’s vast array of services.

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