Inside Look into Merv Adrians Architecture of a Contemporary AI Data Stack

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DateJun 28, 2024

In the AI-driven data environment of today, businesses have to build strong data infrastructures that can keep up with the needs of cutting-edge technologies like AI and deep learning. This is especially hard to do while providing and changing the value of old business intelligence pipelines at the same time. In this on-demand webinar, Merv Adrian, a well-known figure in the field, talks with Colleen Tartow, CTO of VAST Field, about the ins and outs of developing current AI data stacks.

At this event, experts talked about how to build a modern AI data stack, how to handle large amounts of data, and how to connect these systems into a Data Mesh and use Data Products to achieve success. Merv Adrian, Principal at IT Market Strategy, started this interesting session by sharing findings from a recent original research study he did with BARC Research. He talked about how AI has changed a lot and how important it is to avoid confirmation bias when adopting new technologies.

Colleen Tartow, Ph.D., and VAST Field CTO, talked about how traditional data pipelines are different from current AI data pipelines. She focused on how important it is to handle both structured and unstructured data at scale. The need for scalable, performant, and cost-effective data platforms that can keep up with the growing needs of AI apps was talked about.

During the webinar, the speakers talked about important issues like higher power density, modular design, and better network infrastructure that are needed to support AI tasks. The session also talked about how important governance is for handling AI data pipelines, stressing the need for openness, auditability, and following rules set by regulators.

Listen to learn how to build a strong and scalable AI-ready data center and how to get your company ready for the needs of AI in the future. This lecture is important for anyone who wants to stay ahead in the worlds of AI and data management, which are changing quickly.

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