HPE, Danfoss Collaborate on Sustainable Data Center Heat Recovery

DateJun 18, 2024

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Danfoss have joined forces to launch HPE IT Sustainability Services – Data Center Heat Recovery, a solution aimed at managing and utilizing waste heat from data centers. This collaboration integrates HPE’s Modular Data Centers (MDC) with Danfoss’ heat reuse technology, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability.

As AI adoption surges, increasing power demands pose significant challenges. The partnership addresses these by implementing direct liquid cooling and heat capture systems, reducing energy consumption “by 20%” and repurposing excess heat for various applications.

The new data center solution by HPE and Danfoss leverages HPE’s scalable MDCs, which are compact and energy-efficient, and Danfoss’ innovative heat recovery modules. These MDCs reduce energy loss and promote waste heat capture, while their flexible design and quick deployment capabilities would enable placement near data generation sites, improving data governance and security. This agility would significantly reduces the construction time from 18 months to just 6 months and diminishes the need for traditional building materials.

HPE’s MDCs would offer a remarkable Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.14, outperforming traditional data centers. They can be ideal for high-demand architectures, such as supercomputing and generative AI, enabling rapid scientific and enterprise advancements. The partnership with Danfoss would further boost cooling efficiency “by up to 30%” and include innovative components like Turbocor compressors and heat exchangers.

End-of-Use IT Assets

Danfoss, a pioneer in heat reuse technology, exemplifies its application at its headquarters in Denmark, where recovered heat from its data center is used for space heating and fed into the local district heating network. This initiative has contributed to Danfoss achieving carbon neutrality in its energy system. The HPE and Danfoss partnership aims to replicate this success globally, driving decarbonization and setting a standard for sustainable data centers.

Additionally, Danfoss collaborates with HPE to retire end-of-use IT assets through HPE Asset Upcycling Services, promoting technology refurbishment and reuse within a circular economy framework. This comprehensive approach would underscore the commitment of both companies to sustainability and innovation, offering a blueprint for the next generation of environmentally responsible data centers. 

This partnership represents a significant step towards more sustainable IT infrastructure, combining advanced technologies and strategic collaboration to address the growing energy demands of AI and compute-intensive workloads while minimizing environmental impact.

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