GitLab Announces Public Beta of Expanded Integrations with Google Cloud

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DateJun 16, 2024

GitLab has announced the public beta of expanded integrations with Google Cloud, enhancing its AI-powered DevSecOps platform to boost developer efficiency. This collaboration merges GitLab’s capabilities – such as source code management, CI/CD workflow, and security – with Google Identity Access Management, Workload Identity Federation, Artifact Registry, and Compute Engine.

This integration would provide seamless visibility across the entire software development lifecycle without needing to switch between systems.

Key benefits would include streamlined authentication via Google Identity Access Management and Workload Identity Federation, reducing the risk associated with service account keys and simplifying their management. The integration would also accelerate application deployment to Google Cloud by automating CI/CD processes, with GitLab’s runner configuration automation and a library of Google Cloud Services components in its CI/CD catalog.

According to GitLab, developers will experience improved productivity thanks to unified visibility into the software delivery process, allowing full traceability of build artifacts across GitLab and Google Cloud. This would eliminate the need to switch contexts and improves overall efficiency.

Application Development Lifecycle

“Google Cloud offers developers the choice, capability, and security to work effectively and productively at every step of the software development lifecycle,” said Gabe Monroy, Google Cloud, VP, Developer Experience. “The expanded availability of these integrations between Google Cloud and GitLab brings more capabilities for developers in each of these critical areas, including full visibility into performance metrics, security and compliance policies, and insights across the application development lifecycle without context switching between multiple systems.”

“Together, GitLab and Google Cloud are enabling organizations to remove silos, measure and optimize performance, meet security and compliance standards, and boost productivity and efficiency,” said Emilio Salvador, GitLab, VP, Strategy and Developer Relations. “By providing complete visibility across software development workflows, we are empowering joint customers to ship secure software faster while delivering a great developer experience.”

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